UX Design Fundamentals: What Make a Truly Epic User Experience?

By this point, everyone knows that if you want to run a business, you need to have an effective website. However, some businesses underestimate the sheer speed at which your website gets judged worthy or unworthy of a client’s time. Most users will judge whether your site can help them within fifty milliseconds of their arrival.

That’s not much time to catch and hold your user’s attention. Worse, if they notice anything wrong with the UX design, they’ll spread the word of their poor experience far and wide. So, what can you do to ensure that you offer the best experience to your customers? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is UX Design?

UX design is a method of web design that focuses on the user experience above all else. While many web designers will advertise themselves as experts of UI/UX design, the two are different fields entirely. UI design focuses primarily on how the website looks, while UX design focuses on how the website functions.

Why UX Design Is Important

So, why is UX design important? At first glance, this should be obvious. If your website doesn’t function intuitively or well, your clients will have a negative experience. This will reflect poorly on your company in the long run.

Worse, poor UX design could cost you valuable customers right off the bat. Especially poor UX on mobile devices. So, how can you avoid this disaster?

Basic UX Design Principles You Need to Know

As a company, there are a few basic UX design principles that you need to implement in every site you construct. These principles include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping the focus on the user above all else: Without users, there is no website
  • Context is key to understanding how, when, and where your site gets accessed
  • Your website should be accessible to the greatest possible number of people
  • You need to have a clear visualization and plan for a hierarchy of web pages

By incorporating these principles into your UX design process, you can be sure that your website runs as intended for all clients.

Who Should You Hire to Handle Your UI/UX Design?

Now that you understand the importance of UX design and the basic principles behind it, let’s talk about who you should hire to handle this kind of work. There is no end to companies seeking to do your web design work for you. (We have one such example on hand: You can check it out here!)

While you can use pre-built tools or try to hire from within, you’ll be best served by letting an expert handle the process for you.

Let’s Review the Facts

UX design is crucial to ensuring a positive user experience and your business’s continued success. However, as long as you trust the experts and remember to put your users before all else, you shouldn’t have any problems creating an epic user experience. And, if you need more handy tips and tricks to shore up your UX web design, check out our blog each day for more information.


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