Ways To Raise Funds For Your Start-Up

Every start-up company commences with a dream to make it big in this world. All the giant companies you see now were started from a garage or dorms. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Disney, HP are a few names, to begin with. All these tech giant owners did face funding issues at some point in time.

However, the current generation has much more opportunities to raise funds than compared to the past. Various TV shows like Shark Tank provide opportunities for entrepreneurs. I bet most of us have thought about participating in that show. After all, so many people got lucky going to the show! Many might have failed as well, but worry not; there are other more options to raise the funds you need to get going.

Here are some ways you can try,


As the name itself suggests, you request the crowd or a group of people to invest in your business for a certain amount of share. Here you need to explain your company and the product, share your missions and visions, Why you want the funding and how much. 

Once you mentioned all the details, the interested parties will give some donation or pre-order your items to raise funds for you. It is pretty popular these days. There are various platforms available on the internet with the sole purpose of advertising these start-ups to potential investors.

Incubators and accelerators

Don’t we all wish we had some mentoring or assistance while setting up the firm? The incubators and accelerators do exactly the same for you. They support your ideas and give you the required push to get into the world of competition. 

Incubators are more likely to help you to begin a sustainable business. However, accelerators are the ones that give you the push when you’re trying to maintain the business and looking for a helping hand. You can find the nearest one online as per your locality.

Venture Capitalists

These are the people from the big leagues. They usually invest in companies that they find to have massive potential. Approaching them is ideal if you already have a business up and running. Venture capitalists do not intervene in your business; they just provide their expertise and analyse how your business would do in the next couple of years.

If you are looking for someone like this and can’t find any contact, you’ve come to the right place. Various tools online are available to help you get the right connections in just a matter of seconds. GetEmail.io is an email extractor that can fetch you as many contacts as you want from anywhere around the world.

Self Starting

Instead of running around for funds, you can use your savings to kick start your business. You can even gather some funds by asking your family or friends. Usually, they are pretty resilient with interest rates and loan’s repayment time. 

This type of funding is adopted by budding entrepreneurs who are new to the business world. One advantage you have over any other kind of funding is that you will be invested in your business more than usual (as it’s your hard-earned money invested).

So, here are some types that you may find helpful. Are there any other ideas you wish to share? We’re all ears.


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