What Are Construction Cores (And Why Are They Important?)

Are you worried about the security of your construction or building site? As you progress on a project, you need a way to keep the building secure from break-ins and theft. This is especially true once you’re nearing the end of a project. 

Using the best suitable construction cores will allow your property to be secure while also giving your workers the access they need to work on the property. But, what construction cores should you be using?

Keep reading this guide to learn about the different construction cores available.

What is Core Construction?

A core is a vertical space in a building. Cores provide space for circulation and services such as an elevator, staircase, cables, or pipes. The purpose of the cores is to allow people to move between different floors and have services distributed efficiently throughout the building. 

When constructing cores, you can choose to go with solid core or hollow core door construction. Solid core doors have a solid filling of engineer non-natural woo. They are cheaper than solid wood doors.

Solid core doors are durable, create good noise-canceling and insulation.

On the other hand, manufacturers make hollow core doors from a thin layer of wood or fibreboard. The interior is honeycombed with cardboard or plastic. As a result, they are more inexpensive and easy to install compared to a solid core door.

However, they lack durability, durability, and insulation.

Different Types of Construction Cores

While construction is ongoing, workers need to move around with ease to complete the job. Therefore, the site requires construction cores to allow this to happen. Therefore, the cores of any building need to be secure. 

Manufactures make temporary construction cores specifically for construction sites. They allow for regular locking operation. However, you will need to replace them before handing the keys over to the owners or tenants once workers finish the construction. 

Temporary construction cores are great to use with core and shell construction. This is because, with core and shell construction, the layout of the building remains unfinished. The building owner only designs and constructs the base of the building. 

Different companies require different amounts of space and different types of workspaces and. Therefore, it is a waste to design the inside of the buildings when tenants usually will want to change them. This way, the tenants, the companies can construct their own workspaces. 

Conversely, you can use interchange cores or IC cores. IC cores are permanent. This means you don’t have to change them once workers complete the project.

In addition, there are different models of IC cores, so you can choose which ones will be best for your company.

Select Your Cores Today 

Cores play an essential role in any building or construction project. Choosing the best construction cores will create ease for the builders and future building tenants. Being able to have easy access to the site, both during and after construction, is key.

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