What Does the Future of App Development Look Like?

Times change and people change too, as new technologies come to life and reshape the way we go on about life. In recent times, we have changed the way we shop, watch movies, play games, study, and even pay for gas.

The innovations that made these changes possible come in the form of applications. More and more businesses are turning to app development to get their own app so that they can reap rewards from this uprising trend.

If you want to know how to create an app and make money, you can’t just start from nowhere. Instead, you need to be familiar with the present and upcoming trends of app development.

Let’s take a look at some predictions for the future of mobile apps. Knowing this will certainly be useful when you start your journey to creating the perfect app for your business.

The Beacon novelty

This technology is slowly gaining popularity, so you might have heard of it. Beacon utilizes the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals and helps in connecting enterprises and businesses with their customers. But, how does this happen exactly?

First, a retail beacon sends a unique signal, then a customer’s phone picks up the signal, and the retailer’s beacon-enabled app sends the signal to an online platform.

The platform then signals the app to perform an action and the app formats the information for the customer, which results in the customer receiving a targeted personalized message.

However, a device needs to have a beacon-powered app to make this process happen. Whenever the device enters the beacon’s zone, that app catches the signal and accordingly shows the device owners fitting notifications.

Apple and Google already released their own iBeacon and Eddystone, and it is estimated that more app solutions will revolve around this technology in the near future.

Some of the upcoming Beacon trends include:

  • Travel and tourism industry utilizing Beacon
  • Beacon-powered mobile payment
  • Beacon treasure hunting
  • Transforming physical games with Beacon’s power

Integration of the Internet of Things and cloud

This technology is already quite popular in the world of tech. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzword that is favored by all IT enthusiasts. The ways in which IoT and Cloud can revolutionize mobile app development are numerous.

But, first, it is worth mentioning that the global Internet of Things spending is set to hit the $1.1 trillion mark by 2023, and the market is spread in many verticals like wearables, home appliances, smart cars, and so on.

Cloud-enabled mobile apps and IoT are becoming a crucial trend in the coming years because of their capabilities to handle redundant data and connect multiple devices on a real-time basis. It is clear that in the future apps will need to be more advanced, speaking to users in the same way devices built on IoT communicate.

The cloud’s ability to connect numerous things with APIs will also be critical in the future of mobile application development. So, if you plan on developing your own app, keep this in mind.

AI in mobile apps

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

People that are familiar with the most popular and advanced apps expect a lot from new ones. Their mobile devices are used for shopping, gaming, entertainment, and so on. Thus, features such as navigation, speech recognition, and natural language processing are more than necessary.

Artificial Intelligence, fortunately, provides all of that and even more. AI is the technology that needs to be a cornerstone in app development if you want success.  It is predicted that in the future, most AI apps will be developed relying on technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms.

As a result, this allows mobile app developers to deliver a more personalized experience in their applications, and apps will be able to execute functions such as analyzing the user behavior and inform them of any suspicious threats and security breaches.

AI in relation to mobile apps will also help humans achieve the goal of having a device that translates conversations in real-time. Since the apps are bound to become smarter, they will better understand humans.

All in all, AI is changing the world of technology and will take mobile app development to a whole other level.

Wearables and their importance

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

Wearable technology has already made an impact in the tech world. People nowadays use fit bands when running, swimming, or doing other exercises. Wearables such as fitness bands can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, track your progress, guide you through your workout sessions, and so on.

Businesses have recognized the growing popularity of these gimmicks and their focus is placed on this technology’s development too. To have a functioning wearable, one has to download its app and that is what should attract your attention.

Enterprises focus on apps that connect with wearable gadgets to deliver information in new ways. This has already transformed a large range of products and services in different industries such as sports, fitness, fashion, hobbies, and healthcare.

Connecting wearables to smart devices pave the way for new waves of apps that will stimulate the improvement of user experience.

The global wearable tech market size is growing and its products are being adopted worldwide. Consumers are becoming more aware of this rising technology and this trend is continuous.

5G wireless technology

5G wireless technology is slowly but surely entering the mobile app development space, bringing amazing speed with it. Some say that 5G is the future and when you consider that it is almost 100 times faster than 4G networks, you can’t really argue with that.

5G networks provide the following benefits to users:

  • Decrease in latency
  • More efficient signaling for IoT connectivity
  • More bits per Hz with advanced antenna methods
  • Driving network hyper-densification with more small cells everywhere
  • Bringing more uniform, multi-Gbps peak rates
  • Optimizing network energy consumption with more efficient processing

Some international giants such as Huawei, Samsung, and Verizon, are already working to bring 5G-capable chips into the market. What’s more, LG is not too far behind to incorporate this wireless technology into their devices.

But do not think that speed is the only benefit when it comes to 5G. 3D gaming, Augmented Reality, data security, and much more is going to be transformed with this amazing wireless technology.

Wrap up

We need to learn from the past to predict the future and this principle can be applied to general app development too. If you want to boost mobile app downloads, you should follow the latest trends and anticipate the future.

The future of app development is bright and it will be different from the current technologies. This will make developers and businesses make a shift to provide quality solutions to users.

So, keep an eye out for innovative initiatives in the world of tech, as you can never know if you will have a chance to profit from emerging technologies. After all, lagging behind when it comes to software innovations may prove to be costly for your organization.


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