What is the GPS blocker?

Navigator is a modern device that is installed in the car. Satellite communications and the Internet have become part of human life. With the navigator’s help, you can get to a given point without any problems. Modern devices can be tracking tools. Any hacker can track the GPS signal. You can protect yourself with gps blocker for car that guarantees safe use. This appliance was available only to the military. Now it is available for everyday use. The device has a compact size. It’s easy to hide from third parties.

GPS blocker

Types of the instrument

Today there are two types of navigation systems: GPS and GLONASS. The most popular all over the world is GPS. The system allows the driver to navigate in an unknown place. The navigation system is also used in the logistics sphere. Specialists can track the movement of cargo. Therefore, the navigation system is not confidential. The blocker can protect your car from slipping. 

When the jammer https://www.jammer-store.com/ works in the car, all radio signals within a radius of 5 to 15 meters will be blocked. Therefore, you can be sure that the object will disappear from the sight of observers.

Why is it possible to track the GPS signal? The tracker inside the device receives data from the satellite. Special modules get the coordinates of the car’s location. Data on the tracker is stored and duplicated on the server. So sometimes it is necessary to use a jammer for the car. Nobody can trace the location of the vehicle. 

Jammers for the car are:

  • Satellite ones block pulses from the satellite;
  • Cellular – block cellular communication:
  • Others – clog the airwaves of radios, Wi-Fi channels, Bluetooth, etc.;
  • Universal.

 The jammer works within a set range. The radius specifies frequencies. It cannot pick up other devices. It means there is no possibility of finding a car from a satellite. So the GPS blocker is a reliable thing to protect location.


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