Why Andar Bahar is gaining more attention in recent days

Traditional casino games have been an entertainment favorite for centuries. However, the tech boom has already dominated our lives, and board games, especially card games, have readapted to the new online demand.

The most interesting about this is the fact that these online games are becoming more popular due to the possibility of live experiences. Such is the case of the popular card game Andar Bahar, currently one of the most demanded in Indian online casinos, and whose attention is constantly increasing.

Human dealers speaking in Hindi

Naturally, you connect to something when you feel that it is close to you: be it your roots, your tastes, or your values. And that is something that Andar Bahar has. This game originated in India, which is the main reason why Indians feel it as a part of their culture and history, rather than just a game.

In recent years, developers have paid special attention to working on new versions of games where players can easily communicate with the human dealer, making Hindi the default language. Of course, this is very attractive! Who does not feel completely comfortable speaking their mother tongue when thinking about strategies on how to get the best performance in a game?

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A card game that connects people

One of the most valued features of this game is that it is played during many social gatherings, bringing people together. Thanks to its online version, during 2020, a year marked by the Coronavirus pandemic in which social distancing was the norm, people had the option of sharing a common interest with their friends by playing this online game. Also check joker123

Its simplicity makes it easy to explain and understand for someone who has never played. The use of a 52-card deck is required, offering 50/50 odds of winning. And as you know you have to predict which side of the table has an identical card that can be dealt with.

New alliances to expand the game’s fame

This year, QTech Games announced its partnership with Evolution (game software developer company), taking a major step in expanding the Asian portfolio of online games to the rest of the world. This is an important alliance for India, as games like Andar Bahar will now be able to offer an immersive experience for junior and senior players. Furthermore, this will accelerate the growth of India’s business in terms of technology, opening the door to more opportunities and jobs


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