Why Are Fitness Applications Better Than Gym?

While everything is getting digital around us, including our ways to stay fit, there’s still a lot of infidelity about the fitness apps. The debate begins when one has to choose between the apps vs. the gyms. Many people think they cannot use any other option to stay fit than gyms. But there’s an increasing number of people who are loving the new fitness applications, like the Vingo app, to stay in shape.

We also recommend the use of smart fitness applications, as we think these are better or can be used along with the regular gym sessions.

Here’s why:

Keep track of your daily workout progress and calories

According to fitness experts, fitness is not only about the workouts but also eating right. With the help of the right fitness mobile application, you get it all right. The smart fitness applications are available with a smart tracker to count the number of steps, active minutes, and track the number of calories burnt. All this data helps you manage your daily routine in a better way. Meanwhile, you get a better understanding of following a healthier exercising and eating routine.

Don’t like working out at high intensity? You can start exercising at a slower pace. And, if you want to burn more calories, you can simply speed up the indoor cycling or running trainer. Working out with the help of a virtual fitness assistant in the form of a smart app is very convenient. It’s because it lets you choose the right options as per your desire.

Why Are Fitness Applications Better Than Gym

Fitness app lets you personalize your workouts

Smart fitness technology also enables you to personalize your fitness route, avatar, and activity. Using the smart app, you can personalize your avatar and even choose the desired route for making exercising more fun. As you level up, more virtual routes get unlocked as per your performance and activity. This way, you will feel more motivated to work out and improve your overall fitness.

Another best thing about the fitness applications is that it lets you exercise despite any weather condition. No matter if it’s snowing or raining outside, you can enjoy your work in the comfort of your home.

Smart application as your fitness trainer  

Fitness applications, like Vingo, come with various options to choose from. It is because it helps you keep track of your daily routine. Meanwhile, it offers the right suggestions to improve your activity. For instance, based on your physical activity, you get data of your performance in terms of speed, pace, time, etc. By working on your workout sessions regularly, you can improve your exercise performance over time.

This way, you can also plan your day and set fitness goals accordingly. While the fitness application would offer you an ideal fitness regime to follow, you can alter it to suit your lifestyle. For example, if you have to go out of town and travel for a few weeks, you can set a simple workout schedule. And, if your days are more about working all day while sitting at one place, you can set a tough workout routine. This way, your Vingo fitness app works as your flexible fitness trainer to accommodate your lifestyle changes.

Need such a fun virtual trainer rather than the boring gym? Get a fitness application installed on your smartphone now.


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