Why Are Koreans So Good at Gaming

Suppose you have been to an international gaming competition. In that case, you may have noticed that most fans will always favor a Korean player regardless of whether he is famous or not. There have also been instances where people predict the winner in a game by counting the number of Koreans in the teams.  The most fantastic thing about the notion that Koreans are keen gamers is that they will often win.

The big question is, what makes Koreans so good at gaming? Well, there is no definite answer to the question. There is no scientific evidence that Koreans have different genes that adapt to gaming or they even understand the benefits of gaming. Thus, there is no Biological trait that makes them better than any gamers from anywhere in the world.  According to our expert Wang Mi Sun, here are some of the reasons why Koreans are so good at gaming.

Historical Background of South Korea

Korea is among the most densely populated countries in the world, with a ranking of twenty-seven globally. The country has also been ranked as one with the fourth largest gaming market in the world. Back in the 90s, there was minimal or no awareness of computer games. At the time, children played traditional Korean games in their neighborhoods. Computers were costly and, as such, only afforded by a few wealthy Koreans.

 It is estimated that one computer costs anything between $3,000-$4,000. Fast forward to 1997; South Korea experienced the Korean War, which crippled the economy as many companies went bankrupt. To remedy the situation, the government started investing in IT to create businesses for the people. This was a great move as through incentives the prices of computers went down drastically.

This led to an increase in PC cafes. The increase in the cafes also led to a rise in the installation of high-speed internet cables all over the country. All these factors aligned well to the favor of Koreans who could now easily access a PC café and play their favorite PC game.

Gambling in South Korea

Casinos in Korea are different from the rest of the world as they only allow foreigners to gamble. Koreans can only gamble through lotto, cycle racing, horse racing, ToTo sites, and powerboat racing. 좋은 소식은 한국에서 온라인 도박이 https://kr-casinos.com/ 에서 검토된 평판 좋은 해외 카지노를 통해 한국에서 도박이 가능하다는 것입니다.

Geographical Setting of Korea

If you have toured Korea, you will certainly appreciate the availability of land in your country. As earlier said, Korea has among the most significant populations globally, but there is a severe disadvantage of shortage of land. There are large storied apartments distributed all over the cities unlike other parts of the world where there is a lot of space. It implies that any opening in Korea needs to be utilized appropriately to cater to the high population. It also means limited spaces where adults can hang out or children can gather and play.

Unlike in other countries where students go out during breaks and play different games from different fields, Korean schools may have only one field to cater to many students. It is not a wonder for you to find more than 100 students playing football in one field in some areas. Due to the scarcity of playing fields, you will often find more than five games ongoing on the same field for the 100 students. Of course, it is all chaos as you cannot even concentrate on your game.

 As the students need to enjoy themselves, they tend to take part in other activities that are not as uncomfortable. Gaming eventually becomes their ultimate sport.

School System

Most of the schools in the majority of the countries in the world run from morning till between 3 PM or 5 PM. However, this is not the case for Korea; most schools have an evening study mode commonly referred to as Night Liberal Study. The late-night classes may run to excesses of 11 PM after dinner. Considering that the students get to school at 7 AM, they will naturally get bored and require devised ways of having fun.

While there may be numerous ways of having fun in school, most will come with multiple requirements. With many schools in Korea being equipped with computers, gaming remains the only viable option to relieve fatigue. Gaming does not have numerous requirements as you only need to have a computer, then you can sit back and enjoy your favorite game.

It is also easy to sneak out of school and access a Pc café where you can easily play your favorite games. Kids also attend cultural activities, which is a common activity in South East Asia countries like Japan. 

Critical Gaming Community

One of the most desirable characteristics of South Korean players is that they have among the most loyal fanbases in the world. Unlike other regions where fans support people from different countries, South Koreans fully support their own. They expect that the players will reciprocate the love and loyalty by playing the games to the best of their abilities. If a player is not serious with the game in a manner that looks intentional, they may receive massive criticism from their loyal South Korean fan base.


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