Why Are VOIP Phone Systems Used?

The internet can do many amazing things, but did you know it can be used to call people as well?

VOIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a way for you to keep in touch with loved ones. You can call them on the phone, but the audio information is being sent over the internet. 

A VOIP phone system can be useful for individuals and businesses, but how? Keep reading to find out the answers to your questions, and discover some of the benefits of using one. 

What is a VOIP Phone?

A VOIP phone system is when you transmit analog voice information and turn it into data sent over the internet. You can make VOIP calls using desk phones, conference phones, and applications on your phone. If you have ever made a call through Facebook or WhatsApp, you used a VOIP phone system. 

VOIP Advantages and Disadvantages

There is give and take when using a VOIP phone system. If you are considering VOIP vs. cellular or want to know about the VOIP vs. landline pros and cons, we don’t blame you! Switching your entire system over can be scary. If you want even more information about making the switch, you can consider hiring an IT consulting company to walk you through the changes and make you feel more comfortable. 

VOIP Advantages

  • VOIP tends to be lower cost than the traditional phone company. 
  • When calling over the internet, you have access to uncompressed data so, the audio is clear and less muffled than a traditional phone. 
  • Low-cost international calling! You no longer need to worry about surprisingly hefty long-distance fees. 
  • More features for less money. Most of the features your traditional phone company would charge for are generally included with a VOIP phone system. 

VOIP Disadvantages

  • Some VOIP systems don’t directly connect to emergency systems. Make sure you still have access to these by other means. 
  • You usually need high-speed internet to have VOIP work well.
  • With VOIP, you need wall power and internet for it to work correctly. 
  • If you have internet hiccups, it can mess with your calls, causing them to drop. 

These are all things you’ll want to keep in mind while deciding on whether or not you wish to switch your systems over to VOIP. 

Will You Add a VOIP Phone System to Your Home or Business?

A VOIP phone system is reliable and can save you money. Make international calls for next to nothing and get all the same features the phone company would charge you for. The decision is up to you! 

If you learned some helpful information from this article, we have more just like it on our other pages! You can read about tech, business, and a ton of other equally interesting topics. Take a look and find something else to fire up your imagination to today!


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