Why GPS tracking system is a must-buy gadget for vehicle owners?

Whenever we think about a vehicle, whether its a bike, car or any other vehicle, we find it very convenient, everyone thinks that having a bike at their home through which they can go office or any other place which they want to visit for which someone have to wait for the bus or book a cab which can be expensive. Having a personal vehicle makes it easy for everyone, which is valid to some extent. Well, its not that easy as it looks. Considering the rising prices of fuel and rising theft cases, maintaining vehicle has become expensive for vehicle owners. Today we will get to know about a vehicle tracking system that can help your motorcycle, car, or fleet by providing useful alerts.

Nobody can deny that GPS tracker had come a long way since its initial days when it was used to tell basic information only and has become handier for fleet owners and personal vehicles. This technology has helped many save their car from theft and manage their fleet in an organized manner. Not only vehicles, but it can also secure your assets inside your car or truck. It has been beneficial for school authorities who can use the GPS tracking system in their school bus to track every movement of the vehicle at any time.
Yesterday I talked to one of my friends who has just purchased a bike worth INR 2 Lakh and was very happy while informing me about the purchase of motorbike and congratulated him. After talking some stuff, I asked him “Are you going to install GPS tracker in the vehicle?” He replied, “Look, I have just bought a bike by investing heavy amount, now I don’t want to invest again in a luxury stuff, I will consider about installing if anything happens in the future to my motorcycle but not now.”
This ‘I will consider’ statement shocked me, I mean, when will he think about installing a GPS tracking device when his vehicle will get the steal. There’s an old saying “Prevention is better than Cure.” This saying fits precisely to my friend’s thinking about GPS, although he’s not the only one who underestimate the use of GPS tracker, many people in the world think installing GPS device is a luxury.


How can GPS tracker help?
Here I’m going to list five reasons how GPS tracking solution can help personal vehicle owners as well as fleet owners:

  1. Vehicle Saving Alert:
    After saving money for many months from hard-earned money, losing the bike or car in theft is the last thing any vehicle owner wants. To keep you from this loss GPS vehicle tracking system send you instant anti-theft alerts whenever someone other than you tries to unlock your vehicle. Now you must be wondering that it only gives alert, it doesn’t stop stealing and to some extent, its valid. However, this alert provides you warning that something is wrong to go to the parking area to check your vehicle and even in the worst-case scenario if the thief manages to steal your two-wheeler or four-wheeler, you can still track him without letting him know.
  2. Mark Your Area:
    There’s a function named Geo-Fencing through which you can create a safe-zone around the area of your need so that whenever your vehicle enters or exits the place, you get instant notification on your mobile app. It sends you an alert whenever any suspicious person unlocks your car and crosses the area you marked. If you’re a fleet manager, you can mark your client’s location as safe-zone. Hence, when your truck enters or exits from the client’s spot, you will be notified.
  3. School Bus:
    The GPS tracking system can be convenient for school authorities as well as for parents. Nobody can deny that parents of school children are always worried about their kids which is obvious considering the rising cases of children kidnapping. However, installing a GPS tracking solution can act as a third eye for school authorities to monitor their bus. They can create a whatsapp group and add parents to get updates about their child’s location.
  4. Life Saving Alerts:
    After installing the GPS device in your vehicle, you can set a speed limit of your convenience. This feature is convenient for fleet owners who want to monitor their driver’s behaviour. It helps them know which speed the driver is driving the vehicle. If the fleet manager finds out that the driver exceeds the marked speed limit, he can call him and tell him to slow down the speed. This alert can save many lives, as we heard about many accidental deaths, Overspeed alerts can reduce that number to some extent.
  5. Sensible Investment:
    If we see the average price of a bike or car which ranges from INR 1 Lakh-INR 10 Lakh. The price proves that whenever someone buys a vehicle, the person has to invest a considerable amount. Now the question is since the COVID-19 struck the world everyone is running after life and health insurance, which isn’t a bad thing as everybody have the right to secure their life. The problem is that some people don’t apply these things on their vehicle, which sometimes ends up in the stealing of their beloved scooter or motorcycle. Onelap GPS price starts from INR 3,000, which is a very less amount to secure your vehicle if you see any vehicle’s cost.
    As I have written throughout this article, most people underestimate using a GPS vehicle tracking system, as I have detailed this with my friend’s example in this blog. Henceforth, purchasing a vehicle is a good thing but securing it with the installation of GPS tracker has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury if you go by the increasing numbers of vehicle theft cases every day.


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