15 Video Ideas For Your Business

Most of us have spent endless hours looking at videos on a daily basis. Although we might not know, video marketing has a significant influence on us. Video marketing is used to portray their products and services. If this medium is used correctly, one can get lots of customers. With each passing day, people are spending more time watching videos. Every video platform is seeing a growth of users. One of the best video platforms is YouTube. YouTube has over 1.8 billion users and billions of videos. It is the second most used social media platform. When we watch YouTube videos, the first thing that appears is the intro. Like Intro Maker, there’s other various software available on the Internet that can help you to make these intros. But most of them cost a lot of money. InVideo is free and an easy YouTube intro maker that content creators can use. The website provides various other options to edit your video before uploading it on YouTube.

15 Video Ideas For Your Business

Video ideas for business

There are various types of videos that businesses can make to boost their sale and help them with marketing. Here, we will let you know about some of the video ideas that companies can use.

1.    Announcements

Most of the business opts to announce something big through social media posts. But try to post a video advertising your new product or service on YouTube or other social media platforms. This is a great video marketing tactic to grow a hype using animation.

2.    How-to videos

Take your customers for a video walk of your product and services. Tell them how this helps them in different aspects. How-to videos also help to teach the customers how to use the services and products that you provide.

3.    Conduct a question and answer session

Most of your customers will have questions regarding the product and service. Businesses often receive plenty of emails and comments, asking them a variety of questions. Try to conduct a live Q&A session with your customers to answer their questions. This will assist you build a strong bond with the customers, and the other viewers can turn into potential customers.

4.    Show the creation process

Businesses that are developing new products can show their customers the creation process. They can explain all the steps taken to produce the item. For service, one can broadcast the process required to move from one point to another.

5.    Tell users what not to do

Many times your user might not utilize the product or service in the right way. The business should make a video showcasing what not to do. You can also include few puns and jokes in-between to keep the footage lighthearted and entertaining.

6.    Unboxing videos

Who does not like an unboxing video? Customers love to watch unboxing videos of certain products and tools. This can be your own product or others. Do a review and first impression video to attract customers.

7.    Explain your business

Before opting for a product and service, customers like to know about the business. Create a video for your website or social media platform that explains your business in detail. Talk about the products and services offered by you.

8.    Time lapse

People like to watch a product getting created in speed. If you have a product and the business required days, months, or years to develop it, then try to make a video with time-lapse to show the progress. Customers love to see a product getting created.

9.    Live stream a meeting or an event

If your business hosts educational talks, conferences, and other events, try Livestream. Try to show the entire event or few highlights. This will help the customers under your business and also attract new users.

10. Thank you videos

Most of the time, businesses opt for a thank you email for their clients and users. If you recently had a successful product launch or event, then it is time to show your appreciation. Try to create a video for them to say how grateful you are to have them support your business. This video will help your business in two ways- first, it will show appreciation for your clients, and it will highlight your service and products to new viewers.

11. Show your team

Every customer loves to know a face that they can associate with the products or services. The business can choose to showcase the whole team or an individual who can talk face to face with the clients and tell them who is behind the service or products. Try to make a video where each member talks about their role and lets them share the story. This will help to build a strong relationship with the customers.

12. A video showing before and after

Showing a before and after of a particular product that had a renovation and other services will help the customers understand the difference. This can also help the customers understand how improved the product is currently and why they should choose to buy it.

13. Invitation to an event

If your business is planning for an event or hosts a conference, then creating a video invite is a great idea. With the help of the video, you can invite the customers to join and learn about the services and products.

14. Tour of your office

Customers would like to see the office and the studio where the actual work happens. This is similar to behind the scene videos that capture moments inside your office. Make the office tour video as exclusive to boost engagement and interest.

15. Use the whiteboard

This method can be used to add a new touch to your videos. If you are opting for video marketing, then use a big whiteboard. Write down important points and illustrate pictures to make your customers understand about a particular product or service.

These are a few of the video ideas that one can use for their videos. Using a video marketing strategy has proven successful in attracting new customers. 


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