2021 Content Marketing Guide: The Cliffs Notes Version

Content marketing helps to attract visitors to your website. It should provide value to both the brand and the consumer exploring the content.

But with millions of blog articles posted each day, you’ll be up against some tough competition to get your content noticed.

So, what strategies should you put in place to get your brand the exposure it deserves?

Read on to find out more in this content marketing guide for beginners.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a process associated with creating and distributing content with the aim of growing your business and generating revenue.

One of the most popular content marketing examples is the blog post, however, it could also include YouTube videos, podcasts, infographics, and social media posts.

The content can be created by the brand itself, or you could hire content marketing services. Discover more about one such service here.

Let’s take a look at a few tips for your content marketing plan.

Defining Your Audience Persona

For your content to convert, you’ll need to be an expert storyteller. To be a great storyteller, you’ll need to know your audience.

Decide who you’re marketing your content towards. You’ll need to know who your audience is, where they buy from, when they buy, and why they buy. The more you know about your audience, the easier you’ll find it to create a marketing strategy that really hones in on their needs.

You can define your audience by gathering information from your existing customer database or by surveying your customers to find out what they’re looking for.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Once you know your audience you can start defining your content marketing strategy. You should by now know what your audience will be receptive to and how they can be reached. You may have even gathered when they’ll be online too.

The more detailed your strategy, the better the chances you’ll have of hitting the mark.

There are lots of great content creation tools that can help you to decide on what your content should be about. Google Trends, Answer the Public, and Quora are great jumping-off points for deciding on the topics that you’ll be creating.

Creating Your Content

It’s important that you produce content of value. If search engines assume that the content is thin or is just designed to trick an algorithm into making your website rank higher in the search results, your content will be penalized. Make sure there is plenty of meat on the bones.

Insert relevant keywords in your content, but don’t stuff them in. They should be natural. Again, if your content is stuffed with keywords it won’t be readable and you’ll get penalized and you won’t rank in the search results.

The Content Marketing Guide

Hopefully, this brief content marketing guide has been helpful to you. Do your research, create a strategy, and then create your content and you’ll find success. Don’t skip the research or strategizing.

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