4 Important Benefits of Dynamic Data Masking

Have you considered dynamic data masking for your business?

This is a relatively new technology that helps protect your data when it’s being shared over the internet. As data breaches are becoming more common, this is a crucial factor for your business.

Dynamic data masking helps hide your data as it’s shared on the web. It ensures that it’s only visible to the intended recipient.

So how does dynamic data masking work? What are the benefits of data masking and data governance?

Here’s what you should know:

1. Masked Information

The major benefit of dynamic data masking is that your online information gets masked. This means that only the intended recipient will see the information.

An example would be if your credit card number was blurred on a computer screen. Only the intended recipient would be able to remove the blur to see the number.

It also prevents your data from being altered. It prevents the recipient and any hacker from altering your information.

2. Create a Security System

With dynamic data masking, you have the power of data governance. This means that you can create your data governance framework. 

You create a security system where you assign who gets to access your data. You get to organize your data as you wish and choose who can view your confidential information.

It gives you more control over your data without having to depend on a third party. You don’t have to worry about a major tech company controlling your data.

3. Protects Numeric Data

This is one of the biggest advantages of dynamic data masking. This returns to the credit card example in our first point.

Much of your sensitive data shared over the internet involves numbers. This can include your financial statements, phone number, social security number, etc.

Your numeric data is often what makes you a target to hackers. You want to make sure you keep this data protected at all costs. As such, dynamic data masking helps you hide this numeric data from any potential hack.

4. Delete Your Data

You can also delete your data much easier when you work with data governance. 

Rather than having your data stored with someone else, you’ll have it saved on your servers. You want to make sure you’ve got control of your data at all times.

With dynamic data masking, you ensure that no third party has any rights to your data. You also can delete your company’s data from the web forever when it’s no longer needed.

This alone makes it worth investing in dynamic data masking for your business.

Choose Dynamic Data Masking

Now you know the benefits of dynamic data masking and can choose this service for your business.

It helps you mask your confidential information as you share it over the internet. It also prevents your data from being altered.

As data breaches can be detrimental to your company, you’ve got to be vigilant about your security. Dynamic data masking is one of the best solutions available.

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