5 Essential Ways Your Business Can Boost Social Media Followers in 2021

The social media landscape is constantly evolving and changing as new platforms become popular and some fade away. Still, the basics remain true: social media is still the best way to reach a broad audience with your company’s products or services.

It also provides businesses an opportunity to build customer engagement online that can be implemented in various ways, from discounts on web pages to surveys within apps.

Here are five important ways your business can grow social media followers in 2021.

1. Plan a Strong Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media is easy to do but difficult to get right. So it would help if you had a strong social media marketing campaign to support any promotion. Think of it as a plan of action. Without one, social media can seem like a long and tiring endeavor.

Creating a social media marketing campaign can take hours of research, planning, and development. Therefore, it’s important to be thorough and detailed throughout the process. That way, you will be sure that any promotion is done correctly from start to finish.

2. Hire Talented Social Media Managers

Every successful social media marketing campaign requires a social media management team or agency to build a social media following.

In addition, a successful social marketing campaign requires a diverse team of people with different skills to provide the right mix of content, engagement, and promotion across multiple platforms.

Every member should have a specific role, be knowledgeable about their area, and participate in regular brainstorming sessions. This will help develop new ideas for improving your social media marketing campaign and promote team spirit among your team members.

3. Know the Algorithms

Understanding how social media promotes your content isn’t as difficult to understand as it sounds. That’s because there’s a wealth of information online about how to “hack the algorithm,” so to speak, to get more followers.

Knowing the formula includes things such as watch time, when to post, length of videos and posts, target demographics, and the number of views. So there’s a lot to think about!

Like other types of marketing such as SEO, however, it’s not a tick-box exercise. You could have what the algorithm considers the perfect video, but if the content isn’t very good, nobody will share it, watch it, or subscribe and follow your social media profile or channel.

4. Invest in Social Media Apps & Tools

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool, and businesses need to invest in social media apps and tools to help their marketing campaigns succeed. The more tools you have, the more successful you will be at promoting your business. So be sure to invest in a few that do what you need them to do.

Content creation apps are especially helpful, particularly apps like Canva and Crello, which allow you to design your own social media posts using graphics and photos combined. Other apps include Radaar and Publer that automatically post your media out to multiple platforms and even create a social inbox for you to reply to comments!

5. Engagement is Everything

Like we mentioned above, Radaar has its own social media inbox, which means you can have all your tweets, messages, Facebook posts, Instagram DMs, and more in one place. That’s a huge efficiency hack and will allow you to engage with your followers at speed.

What’s more, many of the algorithms like it when your content gets shared amongst other followers who like similar things, so it’s a good habit to get into. What’s more, it’s the sort of thing you can do on the train journey home from work or when sat around waiting for something to do.

Increasing Your Social Media Followers is a Long Game

Now that you have a better idea of what to do to gain social media followers in 2021, you can go forth and grow your business. Remember, though, that it isn’t an overnight quick-fix. It takes time and effort to increase your social media following, but the rewards are second to none.

Who knows, you may even become a popular influencer yourself!

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