5 methods You Can Adopt to get more Customer Orders

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas to induce your customers to enjoy a spending spree with your company. No doubt, the easiest one is probably the launch of a new product or service; however, there are only so many times you can relaunch the same (or a similar) item. Hitting social media and other conventional types of marketing strategies will get you so far, but sometimes you need to try a different approach.

adopt to get more customer orders

#1 Freebie giveaways

Freebie giveaways or company swag items can be given to your employees or, more importantly, to your customers. Although placing a free gift inside a customer’s order is a nice gesture, it is even better if you state on your order forms that a free gift will be included with any orders over a certain amount. This can then entice your customers to place higher orders just to find out what the freebie might be – or simply because human nature cannot resist a free gift. 

Free gifts need not cost your business huge amounts of expense, but it is important that you opt for quality items and take the liberty of having your business brand on them. They should be items that people will use – perhaps even simple everyday goodies like mugs, t-shirts, or custom hats by Anthem Branding. This will then provide you with some low-cost advertising and your customer with a very useful free gift.

#2 Offering discounts

Offering discounts to your customers can work the same way as providing a free gift. In order for it to be at its most effective, you will need to announce the discount before your customers place their order – and it is wise to put a price limit on it. This is so that customers who place very small orders will need larger ones to qualify for the discount. 

Wherever possible, you could stagger the discount and therefore encourage every customer to qualify for some sort of reduction for their next order. With this in mind, do not have your discounts valid for a long time; this will inspire your customers to place orders sooner rather than hanging on to a discount code to use at a much later date.

#3 Include free postage and packing

Another very valuable tool in getting customers to place orders is to offer them free shipping on their orders – but make sure that you are offering this for a limited time only or for all orders over a certain monetary value. 

Although this may cost your business a little, it is a great way to get any stagnant stock moving – especially if you state that the free postage and packing are on orders that contain these specific items.

#4 Send samples

If you are savvy, you can generate sales by using samples – whether it’s food, cosmetics, or even apparel. Of course, you will have to study the types of products that your customers are already purchasing so that you can work out other items they may wish to buy alongside their current orders. 

If you do not carry out this research and put any samples in with orders, you will find the efficiency of the task very slow. The whole idea of this is to generate more sales rather than getting rid of samples. As stated earlier, you should look for samples that will complement your customer’s current orders rather than try to steer them in a new direction, which could confuse them and will be a total waste of your time, effort, and resources.

#5 Limited-edition incentives

Many businesses have implemented this because it’s a proven tactic that works. Offering limited-edition incentives to either sign up for a service or place large orders of a certain price value could have your customers falling over themselves. 

Although the limited-edition item will need to be of good quality, it could be anything you want; however, it is best to try and keep it within the collectibles field and make sure that it will not be available from any other company. 

To make the most out of this scenario, creating a series of limited-edition items, one replacing the other, will develop a feeling of need among your customers, as collecting the whole set would then be seen as the master goal.


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