5 Most Outstanding DNS Servers In 2020

For further open Internet surfing and more prolonged, 100 percent uptime operations, free public DNS servers will make a significant impact. You’ll experience only some technical errors as a consequence.

Most of the other highest quality DNS servers will mostly avoid exposure to malware and phishing attacks, as well as some solutions that will supply users with security software to shield the kids from online threats. In short, individuals are mainly changing one’s DNS since they want a more substantial and much more stable user experience on the internet. 

5 Most Outstanding DNS Servers In 2020

Domain Name Systems are a program that converts the domains to the IPs, which have to be accessed for this particular domain in an internet browser. Whenever users connect to the web via their mobile devices and device, the internet service providers are appointing users to DNS servers. 


OpenDNS is among the most prominent public DNS server companies founded in 2005 and is therefore officially operated by Cisco. The free platform offers many advantages like protective child monitoring keyword filtering, which restricts pages by sort of content.

Open DNS also restricts malware websites by chance, a hundred percent uptime, and outstanding upload speeds. In the event of technological breakdowns, OpenDNS grants everyone complimentary support via email too. Open DNS continues to strive to become among the best DNS servers.


Cloudflare is considered the best DNS server, the widely-named, renowned for its top-ranking web distribution network. The business concentrated mainly on the basics. This DNS server was focused on the results of industries like DNSPerf as well as independent studies. 

Cloudflare is the swiftest publicly accessible DNS server. They also feature DNS filters so that internet browsing will be safe for everyone. Children will not have to browse through accidentally explicit content.


The safety filters from CleanBrowsing are by far the most significant of the components which update per hour to avoid malicious websites and viruses. You may order CleanBrowsing Plans as per the specifications whenever you need further additional features. The Adult Filter of CleanBrowsing restricts exposure to sensitive sites, even though the Family Filter avoids combined explicit material, VPNs, and proxies.

Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS is among the accessible, freely available, and configurable DNS servers. The public DNS prevents specific forms of advertising until it hits the system. Users may enroll free of charge through the online web page when users are willing to access alternate DNS. Even a Family Premium DNS service is accessible if they wish to avoid the kids accessing explicit material at residence.

UltraDNS Firewall

UltraDNS Firewall from Neustar is another excellent DNS server that offers a stable service and faster data resolutions. Quality improvements. This DNS server provides cybersecurity defense from bottlenecks, malware, ransomware, and hackers. Besides, the UltraDNS Firewall provides DDoS protection as well as cybersecurity defense. It restricts material for adults or kids that is distasteful.


If you are looking for available DNS or the swiftest DNS in the economy, everything depends on the nature of the service you need. Many DNS servers defend you with cybersecurity, whereas some give better connection speed.


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