5 Social Media Marketing Skills to Build for Your Moving Company

Over 20% of individuals and families in the United States use a moving company when relocating – and that number continues to rise. So as a moving company you should be celebrating all the potential opportunities! But what if your company hasn’t gotten as much attention as you’d hoped?

Well, a good place to start is addressing your company’s social media presence. This article will share 5 social media marketing skills you can use to increase your business.

1. Drive Traffic to Your Site

You can use social media to drive more traffic to your moving company’s website. Posting pictures, tips, and statistics is a great way to get attention, but ultimately you want leads to visit your website and sign up for services. 

Make sure your website is well-designed, professional, and easy to navigate. If your social media marketing is drawing people in, the website has to seal the deal. 

2. Creative Content

Creative content is what will set your moving company apart from competitors. Instead of posting a boring article on services and prices, try posting a list of the top 5 hardest things to move without movers.

Your content should be interesting, out-of-the-box, and attention-grabbing. Establishing a unique brand can help bring attention to your site and away from competitors.

3. Connect With Customers

Social media also offers your company a chance to connect directly with customers. You can request reviews, answer questions, and disseminate information all through social media sites. Don’t shy away from responding to comments and questions because people value honest responses. If a customer has a complaint, offer to make amends rather than trying to get the comment taken down.

4. Facebook Ads

If you have a small budget for social media advertising, consider Facebook ads. Facebook collects data about users to offer them targeted ads for products and services they likely want or need. So, Facebook can take your ad and display it to users that might be moving in the near future. If your Facebook ads are successful, consider advertising on Google too.

5. Partner With Social Media Marketing Company

If you are still asking, “what is social media marketing?” it might be time to contact a social media marketing agency. These marketing services will help you build your brand and bring in qualified leads. When looking to hire social media marketers make sure they have experience in the real estate, moving, or home improvement industry.

Sharpen Your Social Media Marketing Skills

Take these social media marketing ideas and grow your business to a new level. Publishing creative content, connecting with customers, paying for Facebook ads, and driving traffic to your site will make a huge difference in attracting leads and closing deals.

And if you’re not feeling confident about your social media marketing skills, don’t worry! There are social media marketing experts ready to provide their services.

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