6 Things To Consider Before Hiring Outsourced Technical Support

Outsourcing technical support is now a trend for most companies, especially with a tight budget. When compared to establishing in-house technical support, outsourcing is way cheaper. You don’t have to buy hardware and other equipment for your IT team, but you’ll only pay for their service. 

However, you may want to consider the following factors to ensure that your outsourced tech support is worth every penny: 

Team of Programmer working to find solution to problem and coding technologies in a software developing company office

1. Operational Control

One factor you should consider is losing much, if not a portion, of your operational control. For instance, you have no say on how your outsourced technical support may be communicating with your clients. And if they have a different way to handle customers, it may negatively impact how the latter will view your company.  

That’s why before hiring technical support, you need to know how they operate things. You may ask them how much control they will take. Being clear on how much control they’ll have is essential; so that expectations on both sides are determined. As a result, you know what roles and responsibilities to expect from them.  

2. Expertise Of The Industry

Another factor to check is their experience and knowledge of your industry. While they may perform well in general, some may lack enough knowledge about specific industries. It can result in a lower quality of service since they may not know the technicalities of your industry. Thus, it’s imperative to know if the tech support has experience working in similar sectors.  

With their experience comes adequate knowledge of the technological opportunities and challenges that your company is facing. They can propose better and suitable solutions to your problems if familiar with the ins and outs of your industry. They’ll also know which areas to improve, develop, and remove.  

One way to check if they have the proper knowledge is to check their relevant certifications. Most tech support services post these on their site so that potential clients can verify such. And when you know the type of certifications they have, you can weigh if they’re a fit for your tech needs. For instance, you can hire Haber Group and other similar tech support companies if you’re in the Architecture and Engineering industry.

3. Round The Clock Availability

It’s also important to know if they offer 24/7 services. Also, it is necessary if your business operates 24/7 too.  

One benefit of this kind of availability is their potential to finish tasks when you wake up. You may not have to wait for their operating hours before you can reach them. Instead, they can immediately cater to your needs.  

Moreover, this availability also allows you to hire tech support even from the opposite side of the world. As long as they can deliver quality and quickly, then you may want to consider.

4. Costs 

You also need to know their fees. You don’t want to regret later on hiring outsourced technical support that isn’t transparent on their charges. Not only will it affect your finances but, you may have lower-quality services. That’s because premium services require a high price.  

And when you outsource tech support that offers low upfront fees, chances are, they have hidden fees. So, look into the details of your possible financial expenses to prepare and decide accordingly.

5. Regulatory Compliance

With tech support, expect they’ll have access to your company’s data management services and storage. It may include your client data and confidential business information. Thus, you need to check their accreditation and security certifications.  

If they follow regulatory compliance, chances are, they’ve undertaken training, tests, and others to get licenses. With such, you can ensure that your business data is safe and secure.  

6. Credibility

Most importantly, you should check their credibility. Not all tech support companies offer the same quality, so it’s best to do your diligence. You can ensure that you’re hiring reputable tech support by checking the following:  

  • Third-Party Reviews: You can easily search on the internet for almost any review, including tech support services. If they’re a great company, chances are, there are more positive third-party reviews. However, you should verify if they are not sponsored, and they must come from reputable review sites.  
  • Previous Client Testimonials: Their clients will tell a lot. If they’re satisfied, they’ll probably leave high ratings. Try checking their social media pages for ratings and other clients’ testimonies.  


Tech support can significantly help your business in terms of providing technical services. Whether you need a short-term technical solution or long-term tech services, they can provide such. However, consider the factors above to ensure that you’re outsourcing the proper tech support.


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