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6 Tips To Run Successful Ad Campaign On Instagram

Promoting any business online has proved to be one of the best marketing strategies in the
market. During recent times social media has gained more attention from businesses running
online. Instagram is a prominent player among all social media applications. More than half a
billion of the population in the world is using Instagram today. On average, every user scrolls
the feeds of Instagram for 53 minutes every day.

Instagram for Advertising

When Facebook acquired Instagram, they announced Instagram Advertising for business in Instagram Advertising attracted a lot of businesses to promote their services on
Instagram. Currently, there are more than 1 million Instagram advertisers around the globe.
With this feature, you can promote your business through posts or stories on your Instagram
On an Instagram page, you can create an advertisement in the form of visuals or written
content. Later this content gets published on the page, and other users can view this content in
their feeds or stories. Recent statistics say that more than 60% of Instagram users find
promotional posts helpful. More than 75% of users take action towards the advertised post.
About 80% of users prefer to watch videos on Instagram. It is because Instagram has profiles of
all age groups. So age or gender doesn’t create a difference while using Instagram. In short,
Instagram has become a major tool for businesses to advertise their products.
Running an ad campaign on Instagram may seem a tough job, but it is not. In order to run a Successful advertising campaign on Instagram, you have to take some necessary steps. They are

  1. Set an objective of your Ad – The first thing to do is to log in to your Facebook account. It is
    because you can manage your ad campaign on both Instagram and Facebook in an easy
    way. From the Ad manager option, you can start a new campaign. Instagram has provided
    various objectives for creating an ad campaign. The objectives are divided into awareness,
    consideration, and conversion. The ad objectives are –
  • Brand awareness – if you wish to create awareness of your brand among Instagram
  • Reach – You can reach the maximum number of users.
  • Traffic – Let you help users to land on your website or promotional page.
  • Engagement – With this option, you can invite users to like, comment, and share your
    ad post.
  • App installs – This objective directs users to the app store.
  • Video views – Promote promotional content in the form of video.
  • Lead generation – Find out if users are interested in your promotional ads through this
  • Messages – Promote your products or services through promotional messaging.
  • Conversions – Direct your visitors towards the purchase of your product or service.
  • Catalog sales – It works like presenting your product catalog to your target users.
  • Store traffic – When you want your target users to visit your store in person.

2. Defining Ad campaign – Once you have specified your objective, you can define your ad
campaign by giving it an appropriate name. Naming your campaign depends on various
factors such as the intention of posting an ad, timeline of promoting the ad, and your target
audience. So, choose a name that will clearly address the intention behind your ad

3. Adding Ad placements – If you select automatic placements of your ad, then your ad will be
posted on both Instagram and Facebook. The Edit placement option allows you to select
only Instagram for posting the advertisement. Based on your preferences, you can use this
option. Seek some help from the Instagram ads tutorial.

4. Configuring target audience – This step allows you to promote your ad only in front of the
audience you wish to target on Instagram. Reaching to an unnecessary audience on
Instagram is not a good idea. So, it’s better to study the demographics and target only a
specific audience on Instagram. If you are familiar with Facebook demographics, then you
can easily configure the target audience on Instagram. In creating a new audience option,
you can edit various targeting options. You can set the desired location based on zip code,
address, country, state, and city.
You can target the age group from 13 to 65. The gender selection option is also available.
Using the language option is based on your own preferences. In a detailed targeting section,
you can categorize your target audience according to demographics, interests, and
behavior. You can also select an audience that is already connected with the app or event of
your business.

5. Budget allocation and time schedule – In this section, you can allocate a budget for your ad
promotion. In the cost control option, you can select an average cost for each post
engagement. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly budgets in the next option. Set a
specified amount for the budget. The time schedule can be made according to your budget.
You can set time slots for your ads to display on Instagram. When you select a lifetime
budget, you can set a schedule as per your preference. You can choose time and days when
you wish to promote your advert.

6. Select relevant ad format – The next step is to select a relevant yet creative format for your
advertisement. There are formats, including photo ads, carousel ads, collection ads, video
ads, and story ads on Instagram. So, based on your content and target audience, you can

Select the format for your advertisement. Also, make the use of a free intro maker for
making video ads.
Running an ad campaign on Instagram is not free. You have to pay a certain amount for the ad
promotion. The charges for ad promotion depend on various factors on Instagram. So, choose
the paid promotion plan according to your target and budget.
Once you go through this process, you can easily create some great ad campaigns on Instagram.
Just make sure you prepare relevant and engaging content for advertisement. The ad should be
emotionally attached to your target audience. Start using Hashtag in your ads as they are
effective while marketing on Instagram. Also, focus on the ad posting times as they affect your
engagement with the users. You can even use an online video editor to make it look more
professional. These tips will definitely help you to achieve your goals on Instagram.


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