7 Interesting facts About PC Games and Gaming

While PC games are more about fun for most people, there is a lot about them that people don’t know. Most of us know how to play the games, but don’t really care much about how the games came to be. That is why there are a lot of myths that surround PC games and PC gaming. Because, naturally, we are more interested in the gaming part than the learning part. But, just for this once, lend us your ears as we give a few interesting facts about both PC games and PC gaming that you may not have known.

PC Games and Gaming Facts

  1. The “Nameless Game”

Almost all dedicated PC gamers have played Mortal Kombat at least once in their lives as it is one of the most successful PC fighting games of all time. However, what’s interesting is the fact that the game was developed in just ten months and by just a team of people. What’s even more mind-boggling is that for the first months, the game didn’t even have a name.

A year after it reached the arcades, Mortal Kombat was then released on Mortal Monday, which is September 13, 1993, to Nintendo’s Super NES and Game Boy. However, the Nintendo version literally left out all the blood platters that gamers seem to love about the game.

  1. PC Gaming Statistics

PC games and gaming facts are never complete without a section that is dedicated to giving out a few of the interesting figures that make up PC gaming. Like how 46% of the gamers are females whose average age is 34 and 54% are men whose average age is 32. Another fact being that 52% of all gamers in the world are college-educated, which then kills the fact that gaming makes us dull. An interesting fact is that gender statistics seem to be global. Studies in the MENA region by a7labet.com supports the same results regarding gambling habits between men and women as presented by UK studies. As for the devices, 60% of gamers play on their smartphones, while 52% prefer PC gaming and about 49% prefer to use the gaming consoles.  Wrapping up our figures, we have 90% of parents who pay attention to the PC games their children play while 65% of adults themselves are PC game lovers.

  1. Largest Game Collection

While some people like to play PC games, others would rather prefer to stock them up and collect them as is the case with one Antonio Monteiro from Texas. He holds the Guinness World Record of having the largest collection of video games. His collection holds 20 139 video games. In his marvelous collection, you will be able to find games from the 2nd to the 8th generation of gaming consoles and over 100 devices that you can play them on. As if his collection is not surprising enough, it took the Guinness team over eight days to finish counting everything. 

  1. The Origins of PlayStation

PlayStation, or PS as many prefer to call it today, has got a fascinating origin story and it is a very humble one if we must add to that. In fact, the PS was created as a result of a failure by the Sony company. The PlayStation was designed when Sony had agreed to be the maker of the inside components for Nintendo.

However, they then lost the deal. Being the creative minds that they were, Sony then took the parts they designed, stuck them together, and created the PlayStation that many PC gamers love today. A quick look at our articles about games will give you a glimpse into some of the most entertaining PS games.

  1. The Gaming Landlord

The best part about PC games is the fact that the developers of the games are very creative and never run short of ideas. Like how Mario, from the game Mario Brothers, from Nintendo, was named after the landlord of Nintendo’s first warehouse Mr. Mario Segale. The original name for the game was Mr. Video Game, but that wouldn’t have caught anyone’s attention. And, did you also know that Mario has appeared in over 120 PC video games?

  1. The Longest Game

We know that you love to play PC games for several hours before you finally agree to defeat, but there is one game in particular that holds the record for being the longest game ever created. That game is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The Monster Hunter franchise has been known to develop quite the games, but this one managed to take the cup. The game, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, will take a player approximately 693 hours to finish on average, and that is about 28 days of non-stop gaming.

  1. World’s Youngest Gamer

The youngest ever professional gamer in the world is Victor De Leon III. He is widely known as Lil Poison and was only 11 years old when he exclusively signed a deal with Major League Gaming.


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