All You Need to Know About Office 365 Shared Calendar

In the business and corporate worlds, there is always constant communication between employees and external stakeholders. It’s important that everyone knows about meetings or deadlines. For effective communication of these important dates and times, a calendar is sometimes shared. The Microsoft Office 365 suite comes with various ways that you can share calendars as well as create one for a group of people.

The Microsoft Office shared calendar can either be shared through Outlook or SharePoint. Users just select the calendar UI option to easily share the calendar with an individual or a group of people. However, it is important to note that creating a new calendar to be shared with a group of people is quite difficult and usually requires admin permissions.

Ever since the Microsoft Office 365 sharing calendar feature was introduced, businesses have found it effective in communicating important dates. In this post, we look at how you can create a Microsoft Office 365 shared calendar and some of its key features and benefits.

Office 365 Shared

How to create an office 365 group calendar

When creating a group calendar and marking a specific date for an event, every member in the group will receive a notification if calendar permissions have not been changed. This is an important feature as it allows for communication of upcoming events

You can also see and manage members’ calendars by opening the calendar tab and choosing the period within which you want to check individual member events. You can key in the member’s name or group name and click search. Here you can view all the members in the group calendar and even add some if there is a need. Read this blog from VirtoSoftware and learn how to create the various Microsoft office 365 group calendars.

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Creating an office 365 shared group calendar follows the following simple steps.

1. First, go to the SharePoint calendar and select the ‘List settings’ option. the calendar tab will appear and from the menu go to ‘General settings’ and select the ‘Title description and navigation’ option.

2. If you are sharing the calendar with the same colleagues, go to the ‘Group calendar’ option and enable the ‘Use this calendar to share member’s schedules’ option.

3. You can then proceed to reserve a conference room for the group by enabling the ‘Use this calendar for resource reservation’ option.

Key features of the Microsoft Office 365 shared calendar

Various user permissions

Sharing calendars allows for effective communication between a number of group members, communicating dates and places where an event can be held. The shared permissions available in Outlook means no one will have to ask for information from other team members with regards to the meeting schedule as everything is communicated.

The calendar owner has other permissions which include editing the calendar, viewing all details, viewing titles and locations as well as viewing when you are busy. Members can also be given calendar management privileges through delegated access — these privileges can be revoked or even upgraded at any time of your choosing.

Meeting polls

This is another crucial feature of the Office 365 shared calendar which allows group members to choose the date and venue for a meeting. The calendar owner has the option of creating a calendar poll where group members can vote on the meeting date and the time. Once voting is closed the selected time and date will be automatically shared in the calendar.


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