How to use Antena View APK (Step by Step Guide)

We know that Antena View is one of the top applications that most gaming enthusiasts are keeping a track on. Do you what it is capable of doing? If you are playing the high-quality game, that is Garena Free Fire; you need to locate your enemies. With this application, you can locate your enemies in the game using the head view or hand view of the enemy, and this application will let it happen. The Antena View APK has been in the market for a long time, but it is now boosting, and it is downloaded more.

However, with all the benefits, you need to know how to use the Antena View app. We will provide you the step by step method to use this application.

How to use the Antena View APK?

Below are the steps that you can follow to download the Antena View APK.


Click on the link to download the Antena View fromthis site.


Make sure you have Gerena Free Fire already downloaded on your Android phone.


The Antenna View is the hacking application, so it is best to use a VPN while you are playing Garena Free Fire along with the collaboration of the Antena View app.


When the download is complete, you need to head to the file manager and find the downloaded folder.


Now, tap on the downloaded file and click on the unknown sources.


Now, install the file, and this will proceed to the installation process, and the application will be finally installed.


Allow access to the media folder, photos, and files of your device.


Now that you have finally installed the application, you cannot pick the antenna head and antenna hand. Choose a color that you can locate quickly. Now, select the relevant head and hand view for better visibility.

That’s all. Now you can start playing your favoriteGarena Free Fire without any hindrance and by scoring more points. The Antena View will let you enjoy the game even more by spotting the enemies quickly.

Why should you download the Antena View APK?

The Antena View is a hacking application, and this helps you in the battlefield while you are playing Garena Free Fire. This application will help you to find out your enemies. You must be thinking, how is that possible. This application tends to show an antenna on the enemies that makes it easier to point out who you should attack.

Now, you longer have to be the hopeless playing in the middle of the battlefield, struggling to find out enemies and pin them down. With the Antena View, you no longer have to struggle. If you are a newbie, you can clearly not compare yourself with the professionals of the game, but this hacking app is the one for you and will be your savior in the busy battlefield and your shield as well. This app will take a step further towards the victory, and that is what you need.
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