Are You a Freelancer? Learn How to Stay Organized and on Top Of Your Workload

The American freelance economy makes up more than $1.2 trillion of the national economy.

It’s easy to see why—the life of a freelancer is pretty great.

You make your own schedule, you serve as your own boss, and you choose your own clients. But with the great freedoms that come along, many challenges arise as well.

It’s imperative that you stay on top of your workload, to make the most of your freelancing career. With the implementation of a few easy tips, you can ensure you are a productive and stable freelancer despite a continued influx in competition on the market.

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1. Maintaining a Routine

It’s true that one of the largest perks of a freelancer’s schedule is the overall flexibility. But with that said, it’s easy to lose track of time and fall behind on upcoming tasks.

This is where maintaining a routine can help with getting organized. For example—you may time-block out specific days of the week to dedicate to recurring clients. The remaining days can then be split up to cover tasks like following up with existing contacts and reaching out to new leads.

By establishing and maintaining a routine, you know exactly what to expect from your week. This creates a sense of stability and ensures you have dedicated time to all important tasks.

2. Tracking Finances

Another major roadblock for many freelancers is in navigating the financial aspect. Between expenses, taxes, and the other associated costs with freelance work, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

This is where it can be beneficial to delegate. Accounting help can lift a serious weight off your shoulders, and allow a professional to handle these matters for you.

This also gives you more time to focus on building your freelance career, rather than getting bogged down with complicated financial dealings. View here for more on the benefits of hiring help in paying taxes as a freelancer, for example.

3. Keeping Organized

Think about it—as a freelancer, you are essentially operating as a small business. There are many moving parts, and nobody other than yourself is held responsible.

Staying organized is the key to your overall success. This may take many forms.

For example, some freelancers find written planners and agendas to be most helpful. Others find software and internet-based programs to be the most effective for their line of work.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to employ the methods that best keep all clients, projects, and tasks in line.

It should be easy to follow and allow you to prioritize your time seamlessly. This way, you can keep your small business on track with minimal extra effort.

Become Your Best Freelancer Self

With these tips, you can get the ball rolling on becoming an even more successful freelancer. Try them out for yourself, and see just how much more productive you can become!

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