Benefits of Plotter Printing: What Is a Plotter Printer Used For?

Did you know that the digital printing market is worth over $25 billion? Experts also project that its value may increase with a 3.7% compounded annual growth rate from 2021-2028.

When looking for the best printer for commercial purposes, you may have come across the phrase plotter printing. So, what is a plotter printer, and how can you use it in an industrial project?

Here, we help you learn more about these devices by explaining how they function and the different models available in the market today. We’ll also explain their benefits to help you determine if they are the ideal choice for your needs.

What Is a Plotter Printer?

Plotter printers are large printing solutions that use pens, markers, or pencils to draw multiple lines on paper. Since these devices create sharp and accurate images, they are widely applicable in the engineering and architecture industries.

You can use a plotter printer as a standalone gadget with an internal processor. Alternatively, connect it to your computer to send commands, then use it as an external output device.

Once you complete the setup, load the plotter printer paper and open the PDF file you want to produce. After that, adjust the paper size using the custom button, then click the print option. The plotter pens and carriage will then work in unison to create the desired image.

Benefits of a Plotter Printer

The main advantage of plotter printing is that it allows you to use a large printer paper size without compromising resolution quality. With these devices, you can use sheets of paper above two feet and still get precise and detailed images.

Plotters are also applicable in various industries since they allow you to draw on a wide range of materials. These may include PVC, steel sheets, canvas, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic.

Another benefit of plotters is that they are faster and more efficient than other large format printing devices. Other than that, they can save previous images and patterns on a disk. This feature eliminates the need to load the same template severally, saving time.

Plotter printers can also draw the same patterns over 1000 times without reducing quality or missing image details.

Types of Plotter Printing

There are three main types of plotters, namely flatbed, drum, and inkjet. Each of these types has a unique functioning method that is ideal for different applications.

Flatbed plotters create images on a sheet of paper placed on rectangular tables. This device has two drawing arms, which carry several pens and move over the sheet to create the desired image.

Drum plotter printing involves the use of a roll that rotates back and forth. The robotic drawing arms will then move from one side to another to produce an image.

Inkjet plotter printers are the most common type due to their ease of use and affordability. These devices use three primary colors and combine them to create the desired shades. Inkjet plotters function by pushing the ink directly on the material you are using to print.

Educate Yourself About Plotter Printing Technology

Learning more about printing technology will help you answer the question ‘what is a plotter printer?’ You can also understand the uses of this device in various industrial projects.

If you would like to learn more about how to use a plotter printer browse this page today.


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