Best Sure Bet Software 2021

With the help of sure bet software, many people are earning 100% profit daily by playing arbitrage betting.

What is Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is like a risk-free type of Gambling, in which no matter which player or team wins, you earn a profit. It is also often named as “sure bet software”, which simply indicates that it is a total risk-free profit-earning betting.  In this type of gambling, you take advantage of the strategies of different bookies and bookmakers and place a bet on both teams. You have to follow some statics so that if you go for 100 dollars on both teams, you would earn more than $100 after the match end, no matter which team is going to win.

How It works

In this betting technique, the main focus is on the variable betting odds, which often vary from bookie to bookie in every match. By calculating these statics, you can bet on both the teams safely and in the end, earn a sure profit.

Let me explain this with a simple example here,

Suppose you are going to bet on a cricket match, where there would only be two outcomes in the end. Either Team A would win or Team B. if the odd variations of two different bookies look in our favor, we might get a  chart like this:

Bookie 1: The odd of Team A’s win is 2.15.

Bookie 2: The odd of Team B’s win are 1.95.

This is how an arbitrage bet with $100 looks like:

With a stake of $47.56 on Team A win and at the odd of 2.15 you will get $102.25 in the end.

On the other hand, a stake of $52.44 on Team B win and at the odd of 1.95you will surely win $102.26.

In this way, with a $100 bet, you will surely earn some money.


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