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Finding the best betting platform is not the easiest task for the novice bettor. You may find it easier if you use The site lists the best betting platforms in India and provides information on great odds and generous promotions.

What is Betraja

The main thing to visit Betraja is the reviews of the betting platforms. Users of the site can get such information about the sites:

  • Available sports betting;
  • Assortment of gambling games;
  • Available rewards;
  • Ways to contact technical support;
  • Supported payment systems.

Information about betting programmes can also be found on the website. Downloadable apps allow you to place bets from your smartphone, tablet running iOS, Android.

Betraja also publishes promo codes that can be used when visiting betting sites. You can use the bonus codes either when you register or when you make a deposit. Through promo codes, one can get freebies, bonus rupees and other rewards.

Betraja users can learn about the best sports betting options. By going to the betting offers section, the bettor will find the most profitable variants of singles, expresses, systems.

The website also has a news section. It publishes news related to sports and cybersports, bookmakers. Betraja offers:

  • Reviews of 65 bookmakers;
  • Reviews of 45 betting apps;
  • 110 promo codes.

What Sports are Popular in India

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Also, Indian bettors often place bets on football and kabaddi. Other sports are also popular and the full list is given below.


Most often bettors place pre-match and live bets on the outcome of a game. You can place bets on cricket on just about any platform as it is considered the national sport in India.


Those who want to bet on football will love the lineup and player analyses available on Betraja. That’s because a smart analysis can go a long way in increasing the chances of winning a bet.


Kabaddi has become a very popular sport in India these days, so it pays to check out Betraja’s list of the best platforms to bet on this sports discipline.

Horse racing

Horse racing betting is unpredictable. Not every platform is suitable for betting money on horse racing. If you do your research on Betraja, you can find the top horse racing betting odds.


Hockey on ice has all sorts of different betting markets. You can bet money on the winner of the match, hockey statistics and handicaps. Betraja has reviews of the platforms offering the best ice hockey betting markets.


Major tennis is also an object of special interest to Indian bettors. If a user wants to make money betting on this sport, they should check out the reviews of top tennis betting sites on Betraja.


Basketball is quite a sports discipline specific to India, but Indian bettors regularly place basketball bets on various websites. Betraja is a great resource for bettors who want to improve their chances of winning by getting the best odds and researching their betting analysis.

UFC Fights

Few things can match the spectacle of martial arts. No wonder fight betting is so popular in India. The creators of Betraja understand this, offering users a preview of the top platforms where you can predict the outcome of fights.

Other Sports

Betraja users can get information on other sports as well. Going to Betraja, one can learn about the best betting options on:

  • Chess;
  • Volleyball;
  • Baseball.

The site also publishes information related to cybersports. The data available on Betraja will be useful for those who want to place bets on competitive fighting games, shooters, MOBA games and strategies.

There is also information about virtual sports on the platform. Whether it’s virtual horse racing, dog racing, football, motor racing or motorbike racing, you can find out the best options for betting on real sport simulators with the information from Betraja.

How to Find the Best Bookmakers for Sports Betting?

Every betting platform listed in the Betraja ranking has been thoroughly checked by the site’s experts. The following factors are taken into consideration when compiling the rankings:

  • Sportsbook. Betraja recommends betting sites that have many sports disciplines available and a wide variety of betting markets. On a good platform, it is possible to make not only prematches, but also live forecasts.
  • Promotional offers. Virtually any site that Betraja recommends has a welcome bonus available for the first deposit. Also, users of platforms from Betraja’s rankings can receive freebies, cashback.
  • Quality of work of the support team. The experts at Betraja scrutinize how quickly the support team reacts to user requests. In addition, the number of ways of contacting the support team is taken into account
  • Supported payment services. The Betraja ranking includes only those platforms which support payment systems popular in India, giving the option to use rupees for financial transactions. Support of rupees saves bettors the costs of currency conversion.
  • Platform Reliability. Betraja recommends bettors to bet only on sites that are licensed. The licensing document confirms that the betting company fulfils its financial obligations to the users by allowing withdrawal of the winnings.


Is Sports Betting Legal in India?

The registration of sports betting does not violate the Indian law in any way. The main thing is to place your bets on licensed betting sites, which actually pay out the prizes.

Can I Bet on Sports in Indian Rupees?

Yes, if you register on an appropriate betting platform. We strongly advise you to choose the sites which are in Betraja’s top rated platforms.

What is the Most Popular Sport for Betting?

Most often Indian bettors place bets on cricket, football, kabaddi. Horse racing, hockey and tennis are also quite popular in India.

Where to Find the Best Bookmakers for Sports Betting?

Find information about top betting platforms on Betraja. There are many review sites that accept sports betting in India, are licensed, and give good bonuses.

Choose one of the official Betraja rated betting sites to start placing sports bets online. These Betraja specialists can really be trusted, as they are highly experienced and do a thorough check on each and every platform.


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