Branding Basics – 5 Strategies To Help You Develop Positive Brand Awareness

Whether you’re starting a new business or realigning your current one, now is a good time to work on building positive brand awareness. Your brand is far more than your logo; it is everything your customers see and associate with your company. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, famously said ‘Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.’ So, how can you make sure they’re saying good things? We have five foolproof strategies to get you there.

Make Sure It Reflects your Values

Before you head out to splash your logo across a ton of branded promotional products, take stock of your current situation. You might like to survey some of your customers to gain insight into how they see your brand. What does it represent to them? And how does this image relate to your core values? 

Consumers have increasing expectations of authenticity from the companies they deal with, and they’re taking more notice of core values than ever before. Once you’ve defined these values, it’s time to take stock of how your company is living and breathing them. You can’t run a social media campaign supporting Black Lives Matter while harboring intrinsically racist advertising imagery. It’s crucial to put your money where your mouth is and ensure your ethos aligns with what you project. 

Pimp your Digital Presence

Now that your values are dialed in, it’s time to review your website, social media presence, and Google profile. Ensure that your entire digital footprint is up-to-date and in line with your current positioning. Consistency is key to helping consumers remember your company name, logo, what you stand for, and the products and services you offer. Having a robust digital strategy is crucial as people spend roughly three-quarters of their day glued to their phones. This digital disappearing act has become even more common since the pandemic, so it’s worth offering an enticing virtual space for people to enjoy.

Get Savvy with SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a daunting term for many business owners. Though it never stops evolving and is hard to master, SEO is one of the most powerful methods for increasing brand awareness. 

To ensure your website isn’t relegated to the 171st page of Google, you can implement some basics yourself. Try incorporating keywords people often use as search terms into your web headings. Regularly add new content to your page, include meta titles and descriptions, and optimize your images. Alternatively, look for an excellent SEO agency that can do the hard work for you. 

Build Your Personal Profile

People are always more likely to follow and engage with a human than a business. This truism is inspiring many professionals to polish their personal profiles on LinkedIn, Instagram, and whichever social media platform is relevant to their target audience. It’s easy to overcomplicate social media, so just focus on choosing your platform, creating a professional presence, and offering value to those who follow you. 

Support A Charity or Fundraising Event

Another excellent way to build your brand’s profile is to get out there and do some good in the world. To get started, choose a local fundraiser or charity to support. There are so many positives to this brand-building exercise. Donations are tax-deductible, you can help a great cause, and you get your name out there at the same time. It should go without saying that the cause you support should align with your personal and company values.

Take these five steps, get your name out there, and you’ll be accruing positive brand awareness in no time.


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