Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Body Needs

The mattress you sleep on hugely determines whether you will get sufficient rest. It is therefore imperative that you consider the following dimensions when it comes to acquiring the best mattress for back pain.

Sleeping Positions

The Most Popular Sleeping Positions Include:

  1. Side Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your side may exert some pressure on your hips and shoulders. Choosing an ideal mattress prevents future issues of muscle pains and joints because it guarantees you maximum comfort and support.

  1. Stomach Sleeping Position

Most medical practitioners do not recommend this sleeping style because it exerts stress on your spine. The best memory foam mattress for stomach sleepers offers firm spine support.

Choosing the Right
  1. Back Sleepers

If you love sleeping on your back, consider getting a mattress that provides sufficient support for your spine. Get a firmer foam that incorporates both coils and foam for better rest.

  1. Combined Sleeping Position

A mattress that responds well to movement offers the perfect balance of comfort and support. A hybrid mattress tends to be more responsive because it features a combination of foam comfort layers and spring support.

How to Pick Your Perfect Mattress

When it comes to choosing the right mattress, consider comfort, stress levels, and cost. Some of the most popular mattresses in the market include:

  1. Innerspring Mattresses

They have inner coil springs, which ensure you are well supported.

Pros: You can choose the firmness of your choice, the pillow top is fluffy, and the price range accommodates everyone

Cons: Cheap innerspring mattresses do not offer you proper support

  1. Memory Foam Mattress

They feature layers of different densities which accommodate different weights

Pros: Reduce pressure, absorb movement, and relieve pain

Cons: They are temperature sensitive and can make you feel hot during the night

  1. Latex Mattresses

They are made of natural rubber, which provides support through the entire bed.

Pros: Firm and supportive

Cons: Not suitable if you don’t like firmness.

  1. Air Mattresses

They use air-filled chambers with a layer of foam on top.

Pros: You can adjust them for more or less firmness and have air toppers.

Cons: Failure to adjust it properly may lead to a pop up on the opposite side

Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress for Pain-Free Nights

  1. Non-Toxic Mattresses

Some mattresses precipitate strong chemical odor containing toxic ingredients like flame retardant chemicals, foam, plastic, and synthetic latex. Choose a mattress that is made of organic bamboo, natural latex, or organic cotton.

  1. Get a Mattress that you Can Rotate

It is crucial to rotate your mattress occasionally to ensure it wears evenly. Choose a mattress that you can flip when you feel some pressure or pain.

  1. It is Not All about the Firmness of the Mattress

Other than firmness, an ideal mattress depends on your sleeping style, preference, and weight.

  1. Try out the Firmness of your Mattress before Buying

While you may be comfortable sleeping on a firm mattress, someone else prefers a softer one. Before buying your mattress, ensure it has the right firmness to avoid muscle strain.

  1. Warranty

A new mattress can be costly, but there is no guarantee it will prevent chronic pain. Choose a store that provides a money-back guarantee if it fails to meet your standards.


Choosing the best memory foam mattress is significant because it determines the quality of rest you get. Follow the above tips, and get the guarantee of choosing the right mattress.


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