Extreme sports that are not for the fainthearted

Most people know the world’s popular types of sports like football, baseball, ice hockey, and basketball. That is of course because some kinds of sports are just more popular than others. There are, though, a lot of different kinds of sports out there that many people might not even have heard about. Some sports are more extreme than others and not for everyone.

While some people enjoy a quiet afternoon on the couch while they are playing on the best online casino, others are out there being daredevils in terms of sports. If you’re curious to know more about these kinds of extreme sports, this article might be an interesting read for you.

Ice climbing – crazy winter sport

There’s climbing on rocks and there’s also climbing on ice. Ice climbing is possible in several places worldwide, but some of the best locations are in the US. Some of the top-ranked places to practice these extreme sports are Yosemite National Park, California, and Ouray, Colorado. In Canada and Switzerland, you will also be able to experience some of the greatest places to try this sport.

Extreme sports that are not for the fainthearted

Surfing the big waves (Big Wave Surfing)

There’s surfing and then there is big wave surfing. This sport is not for everyone, and not for every experienced surfer either. To be able to be a big wave surfer, the tackled wave has to be a min. of 6.3m high (20 feet high). One of the places in the world with the highest wave is Nazaré in Portugal.


Diving with equipment is one thing, diving without any is called freediving. This form of diving is one of the oldest ones in the world. Diving is all about holding your breath for a very long time and it requires a lot of mental focus as well. Many free divers use this form of diving as a form of meditation.

Other adrenalin-fused sports to know about

There’s a long list of awesome extreme sports that only daredevils would consider doing. Some other types are known as the following ones:

·  Volcano boarding (yes you surf (board down a volcano)

·  Wingsuit Flying

·  Highlining

·  Base-jumping

·  Cave diving

·  Solo Climbing

·  Heli-Skiing

If you’re keen to know more about these sports or even want to try some of them out yourself, it might be worth it to check what options you have locally, but also for your next trip abroad maybe.


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