Five Simple Game Design Tips that will make your game more fun

Once you are comfortable creating games and have the skills, it’s always fun to think about ways to improve and make them more enjoyable. You would do this in a short design document. However, it is always possible to make small tweaks to improve the game. These don’t have to be complicated but can make a huge difference. These five simple tips should be enough to get you started.

1. Random & Variety

Most players don’t like repeating themselves and enjoy it when NPCs’ actions are unpredictable. This means they would prefer to have a different environment every time. They may also prefer not being able to predict the behavior of some NPCs, which adds to their challenge. These are just a few of the features you can add.

The following could be done: Instantiate NPCs or health packs in random locations. Add a chance that the NPC might not act logically (instead attacking systematically whenever the player is near), Random paths could be used by NPCs to make them more unpredictable. Random events can be interesting, provided the game is based on skills.

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Five Simple Game Design Tips

2. There are two ways to reach a goal

A game should allow players to reach their goals in different ways. This gives them control and choice. This will allow them to feel more connected to the game, and possibly more engaged. They could, for instance, use a secret door or “teleport” to reach the end of a level.

3. Reward

You can reward players for reaching significant milestones (e.g. bonus at the end a level), but you could also reward them for taking chances. If your game allows you to achieve a goal in multiple ways (easier or more difficult), be sure to reward them for taking risks. For example, they might need to collect item1 and item2 or item3 in order to complete the level, or (more risky), defeat an opponent.

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4. Offer different types of rewards

Your game can be played by different players for different reasons. The player may perceive a reward in a different way depending on their preferences. You may offer a variety of rewards to your players, such as score increases, extra lives or extra-powers, a place on the high-score lists, beautiful rooms (for those with more visual abilities), sound effects or new sounds, and so forth. This is how you get the idea.

5. Let the character of the player grow and change

This allows the player to acquire new skills and weapons. This is because the character of the player will change over time. In the case of FPS, you can add weapons to increase the level or power-ups to make it more interesting.

Game design is not all about the details. However, these tips will help you make game play more enjoyable by making small, but effective, changes.


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