Going Viral on TikTok with No Followers: 12 Killer Ways

You don’t need to worry about how to get viral on TikTok if you only have a few followers. We’ll demonstrate how you may promote your company by becoming a TikTok sensation. Additionally, we’ll showcase 12 killer ways on how to go viral on TikTok with no followers for you; it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. We will detail each of these 12 killer ways, and discuss practical applications. Follow the accelerated TikTok like solution and experience great results. 

Explained: How to Go Viral on TikTok with no Followers

Let’s start by quickly summarizing TikTok. Why should you use TikTok right away? Instagram used to be a great place for brands and influencers to create content and expand their followings organically. Then Instagram began rolling out paid advertisements, and that organic reach decreased. In this sense, TikTok is the new Instagram. It is, however, enormously more significant. To view stuff on Instagram, you need to follow users.

TikTok, on the other hand, automatically chooses anything the algorithm deems relevant for you. This has two implications. First, it makes it simpler for TikTok users to find you. Second, you can go viral and receive millions of views even with a few followers on your account.

But as with other social networking platforms, some guidelines exist on how to go viral on TikTok with no followers. 

  1. Use TikTok “Promote” 

Use the ‘Promote’ premium tool in the TikTok app to get more views. It resembles the advertising on TikTok. You must purchase TikTok coins to support this campaign. Similar to an advertising campaign, it will function. As “sponsored content,” many viewers will see your films, which will help you get more views. You will be prompted to select your objective before the campaign officially starts. 

  1. Promote Action With a Powerful CTA

Your article will go viral and gain more followers if you include a call to action.

You can encourage viewers to like, share, or comment on your video by including a CTA after the video or even in the description. Your video will be promoted by TikTok more naturally as your interaction level increases.

Examples of CTAs you can use in your videos:

If you would want a part two, “Comment,” “Follow,” or “Share,” click the appropriate buttons.

The video must be compelling to become viral, but a solid call to action can help.

  1. Use Tested Formats for Viral Video

Keep the audience interested! Users of TikTok pay attention to anything between one and four seconds. The viewer’s attention must be drawn at that point. You can introduce the problem at the beginning of the video before providing a solution.

  1. Maximize Popular Videos and Recent Trends

If you’ve read any of our most recent articles on TikTok, we’ve explained how the app is divided into “Following” and “For You” tabs. 97 percent of TikTok video views originate from the “For You” page. Why does that matter? Even if people do not follow you, you will show up in their feeds if you use the most recent trends. Keep up with the most recent trends to be inspired to make your viral films.

Because content changes so frequently, it can be challenging to keep up with trends because a video that is popular today may become dull tomorrow. Always make plans and enlist the aid of knowledgeable social media marketers.  

  1. Utilize Popular Songs

Use popular songs along with trending hashtags to boost your TikTok view count. Songs that are currently popular will increase your user base because many people are watching a video that features that music.

  1. Post Regularly and When It Is Appropriate

Make a strategy. Making your posting plan is the first thing you should do.

Do you wish to publish on TikTok frequently? After determining your posting schedule, you must decide what to post. Asking yourself what you want to be recognized for is an excellent way to decide what material to post on TikTok. These inquiries could also assist you in identifying your niche. Planning is now the simple way to post consistently. You can choose the best time to schedule your TikTok videos. By controlling and preparing your videos, you may save time and plan for your next steps.

  1. Take Advantage of the Green Screen Feature

Several filters and effects are available on TikTok, but the green screen effect stands out from the others. Thanks to this effect, you can continue to see visuals on the screen as they change in the background. By including images, it elevates storytelling to a whole new level. Being descriptive is made easy with this filter. You can give recommendations and elucidate subjects. The use of images will enhance your narrative while you speak.

  1. Publish your Content on Additional Platforms

Post your TikTok videos to YouTube shorts, Instagram stories, or any other social media site where you have a sizable fan base. Share your Tik Tok videos as Instagram stories if you have a sizable following on Instagram. Your video will receive more views due to your Instagram followers watching it. Promoting your videos on other social networks allows you to reach a wider audience than only TikTok users. It will raise your video count and attract new people to TikTok.

  1. Remember to Include Original Captions, Hashtags, and Descriptions

It’s important to find music and hashtags that are popular and relevant to your niche during the content optimization stage.

Go to the TikTok Creative Center and select “trend discovery” to locate them. There are viral songs related to viral content that you can find. It will provide you with some inspiration for your upcoming videos.

Once you’ve located a popular song, navigate to the hashtag area and sort by popularity again. Verify that the hashtag is still relevant to your industry.

Additionally, include text at the beginning of your film to encourage reading rather than just scrolling. It also explains what to anticipate to the spectator.

  1. Keep it Brief

Keep your videos brief since this is another strategy to boost the likelihood that your TikTok content will become viral. Although the longest films you may make are up to 10 minutes long, remember that TikTok is recognized for its fast content. Videos that go viral are often brief or less than a minute.

TikTok measures quality by looking at the average watch time. If you want to convey a lengthy story, you can do so in numerous sections. This will keep viewers interested and intrigued enough to watch your subsequent videos, or they may decide to follow you.

  1. Engage with Popular Videos

Engage in conversation with popular videos in your niche. You can locate popular videos by using the search bar and pertinent hashtags connected to your field. The most popular videos in that particular hashtag will then be displayed on TikTok. Comment on those videos, offer constructive criticism or share your thoughts and observations. You can subtly include a link in your videos, but make it subtle. Since hot videos frequently have similar audiences to yours, engaging with them is a great strategy to grow your visibility.

  1. Work Along with Other Creators and Influencers

Begin working together with other thought leaders and creators in your niche. If you work together, their audience can find your material and vice versa. Both parties will get access to new audiences, which will help you grow the number of people who view your material. Ensure the TikTok influencer with whom you are working has a respectable following and a high level of engagement. Making such videos remotely is possible using TikTok’s Duet function.


With 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok has the fastest growth rate. So, how to go viral on TikTok with no followers is possible. According to some, one of the best social media sites for producers to expand their following is TikTok. Nevertheless, it is sometimes complicated to gain TikTok views. Going viral on TikTok can be aided by experimentation and consistency, but occasionally, it depends on the platform’s algorithm, the optimal times to share content with your audience, etc. However, if you follow our seven suggestions today, you will succeed.


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