Growing Your Career: The Value of Product Management Certification

Are you leaping toward a new career? Do you want to supplement your current experience to score that big promotion?

Product management leverages creative and critical thinking, inspiring innovation among leaders. In fact, 80% of product managers are directly involved in the design process. This job lets you play an influential role in consumers’ lives.

Product managers are also problem solvers. They investigate customers’ problems and work with creatives to produce innovative solutions. Thus, product management oversees the entire product lifecycle.

Most industries have a growing need for product managers. Learn how an agile product management certification can benefit your career.

Agile Management Is the Future

At first glance, the term “agile” comes across as technical jargon. Yet, it’s one of the fastest-growing product management development approaches worldwide.

The tech sector is quite familiar with agile project management. Now, agile methodologies are gaining appeal with retail, construction, food, and more sectors. You could even move into your dream industry with an agile certification!

In plain English, Agile management follows a set of principles to produce top results. Agile projects are managed by Scrum Masters and product owners. Scrum is the primary Agile framework.

Agile Product Management Education

Every Agile certification teaches the basic principles of the philosophy.

For example, the first principle teaches that continuous delivery improves consumer happiness. Thus, Agile product managers expect deliverables over the course of the project timeline. Project stakeholders aren’t kept in the dark; instead, they see every phase of the product’s development.

The above principles also encourage consistent and rigorous feedback. In turn, developers test meticulously more often.

Consistent real-time communication is crucial for agile projects. Students learn to develop platforms for streamlining tasks, feedback, and file uploads. You can also integrate popular PM tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Types of Agile Certifications

There are several industry-accepted Agile certifications on the market. You can always start with an Agile certified practitioner certificate and supplement your education with more courses.

You could also get certified in specific Agile project management tools, like SAFeĀ® software. Salesforce has similar certifications for its customer relationship management software. Similarly, Microsoft offers certificates for its products.

The Agile nonprofit Scrum Alliance also certifies aspiring Scrum Masters. Students can become certified enterprise coaches (CEC) or certified product owners (CPO.)

Other agile certifications include:

  • Professional Scrum Master
  • Agilist certification
  • Certified Disciplined Agilist

An Agile product manager can make anywhere from $80K to over $170K. The median salary for a Scrum Master falls between $122K and $153K.

If you’re using Linkedin to job hunt, upload your certification to attract more recruiters. Remember to mention your Agile certs in your bios, resumes, and cover letters too.

Improve Your Career Prospects With Agile Certifications

Are you spinning your wheels in your cubicle?

Take action with a professional certification.

Discover the value of an agile product management education for your current role or a new job. Enroll in a course to uncover even more career possibilities.

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