How Longer Sleep Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

To many people, success requires hard work, and hard work means less hours of sleep. But, that’s not always the case. A successful person doesn’t only own tools and devices, but also boasts of a great environment that induces sleep.

In fact, being successful requires sleeping and working. A great entrepreneur will have a good bed, know of a family owned natural pillow maker, among many other preferences, and install relaxing HVAC systems. 

But, how many hours of sleep will improve an entrepreneur’s work-life balance? This article provides the answer.  Read More: 2023 Lexus GX470

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What Are The Stages Of Sleep?

The sleep cycle comprises five major stages, each with unique functions and roles. They all impact the brain’s cognitive performance in several ways. These include:

  • Entering sleep: This is the earliest stage of sleep where you’re relatively awake and alert. The brain produces small and fast brainwaves, and later alpha waves, leading to deep sleep. 
  • NREM 1: This is the first stage of the non-rapid eye movement sleep. It’s a transition between wakefulness and sleep. It lasts for around five to ten minutes.
  • NREM 2: You spend half of your sleep time in this stage. Here, you become less aware of your surroundings and no longer move your eyes. It lasts for about 20 minutes per cycle. 
  • NREM 3: This is referred to as delta sleep. It’s a period of deep sleep where noises and activities around you may no longer keep you awake. Time spent in this stage is refreshing. 
  • REM sleep: In this stage, the brain is aroused with mental activities. It begins 90 minutes after falling asleep. 

How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Need As An Entrepreneur?

Deciding on the amount of sleep you need as an entrepreneur can be tricky. While it’s a subjective decision, every adult needs to sleep for at least eight hours each night, according to science. This stipulation doesn’t exempt entrepreneurs.

Therefore, longer hours of sleep begin from eight hours upward. If you, as an entrepreneur, can sleep for that period of time, whether in time bits or chunks, you should see significant results on your mental health. 

But, to sleep well and sound, you’ll need more than your alarm. Your pillows also play a major role. In relation to that, there are sleep-inducing pillows available in the market today, such as buckwheat pillows. Not too sure how they can help you get a good night’s sleep?  You may read more about them through reliable sources.

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Ways More Sleep Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur 

You might’ve been encouraged to get up earlier to do more work to succeed as an entrepreneur. No doubt, hard work is essential. But, sacrificing sleep for more waking hours doesn’t guarantee success.

Here are ways more rest can make you a better entrepreneur:

  1. Longer Sleep Improves Cognition

Sleeping enriches a diversity of related cognitive functions. It facilitates more efficient learning, memory, creativity, decision-making, and emotional balance. It can be safely said that sleep contributes to all the vital work that the brain does.

The brain is one of the entrepreneur’s most critical tools. Without a well-functioning brain, mental processing becomes tedious and less productive. Long hours of sleep enable your brain to perform its cognitive functions optimally, allowing you to achieve mental activities more effectively.

  1. Longer Sleep Increases Focus And Creativity

Long hours of sleep can boost creativity and focus. After 16 hours of being awake, the level of activity of the human brain begins to dwindle, making it challenging to create new thoughts and focus on existing tasks. 

Regardless of how healthy you are, you can start to experience patterns of depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia when you fail to get enough sleep. These symptoms interfere with the brain’s ability to focus and think creatively. However, sleeping prevents these disorders, allowing you to engage your mind with focused and creative thinking

  1. Longer Sleep Improves Performance 

Poor performance can result from a lack of adequate sleep. Dizziness and tiredness can lead to errors. Your attention and judgment become impaired when you don’t get enough sleep, and the ability to perform appropriately is sabotaged because you won’t be able to plan and act accordingly. 

With more rest, however, you can sustain your life and give more attention to your business. More attention means more dedication and more excellent performance. The better your performance, the better the company because a business reflects the version of its key drivers. 

  1. Longer Sleep Prevents Boredom And Burnout

The daily grind of entrepreneurship can easily lead to boredom and burnout. Running from one meeting to the other, and attending to complex corporate matters can leave you exhausted at the end of the day. What could be a better way to get reinvigorated other than getting some long hours of sleep? That way, you can recuperate and get energized for another day’s work. By preventing boredom and burnouts, you can commit consistently to your work as an entrepreneur. 

  1. Longer Sleep Leads To Better Health

What is the fate of unhealthy entrepreneurs? At some point, they may no longer be able to continue leading their businesses. In extreme cases, death steps in. A low sleep quantity and quality create worsening physical health and heighten mortality risks. 

However, entrepreneurs can stay healthy, both physically and mentally, by getting long hours of sleep. When you’re more nutritious, you can invest more effort and creativity into your business.


As an entrepreneur, you must realize that more sleep doesn’t mean being lazy. Rather than seeing it as a sign of fragility, consider long hours of sleep as essential regimes for sustaining strength and vitality. Your focus shouldn’t just be on the quantity of work you do, but more on quality. With an adequate amount of sleep, you’re assured of quality outputs.


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