How to Break into the Tech Industry – Whatever Your Background

Breaking into the tech industry, regardless of your academic or professional background, is an increasingly common career move. In an age where technology shapes almost every area of our lives, the demand for diverse talent in the tech sector has never been higher. In this guide, we’ll be simplifying the idea of a move into tech and exploring the steps to follow if you want to break into this exciting industry.

Understanding the Tech Industry

Before diving into the world of tech, it’s crucial to understand its far-reaching dynamics. The ‘tech industry’ is incredibly vast, encompassing a huge range of fields like software development, data science, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and more. Start by researching these different areas to discover which align best with your interests, skills and goals. Then, keep an eye on emerging trends and the latest technologies to develop your core knowledge base.

Whatever Your Background


Choosing the Right Path

The tech industry is huge, with a range of career options and pathways available, so it’s vital that your dream job aligns with your goals and circumstances. Here are some common careers that you might wish to pursue:

  • Software Development: Software developers design, code and test software applications and systems on a continuous basis, often specializing in areas like web, mobile app or game development. 
  • Data Science: Data scientists analyze large datasets to extract valuable insights and patterns that help companies make data-driven decisions around their business strategy. 
  • Product Management: Product managers are responsible for the strategy, development and success of a product, often working closely with development teams to bring it from an initial idea all the way to the market. 

Getting a Degree 

Obtaining a degree in a tech-related field is a substantial investment, but it can significantly boost your tech career prospects. Universities and colleges offer bachelor’s and master’s programs in various technical disciplines, such as a masters in product management. If you’re already working in a non-tech field, many institutions offer part-time or online programs designed for working professionals. This approach allows you to stay in your current job while pursuing your tech degree. 

Showcasing Your Skills

Once you’ve developed your technical skills, it’s finally time to showcase them to potential employers. Consider the following strategies:

  • Build a Portfolio: Develop a portfolio that highlights your projects, including coding samples, applications, or websites you’ve built to demonstrate your practical skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Participate in Open-Source Projects: Join open source projects related to your tech interests. Collaboration on projects like this can enhance your skills, expand your network and demonstrate your commitment to the tech community.
  • Boost Your Online Presence: Maintain an online presence through professional profiles, blogs or social media accounts, as sharing your insights, experiences, and passion for tech can attract the attention of recruiters and potential employers.

Regardless of your background, breaking into the tech industry is attainable with dedication and a solid plan. Understand the landscape, choose the right path, and consider obtaining a degree if it aligns with your goals. The tech industry is ripe with opportunities, and with the right strategy and persistence, you can successfully embark on your journey into tech, no matter your starting point.


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