How to Build a Successful Pre-Sale Service for Your Company?

Pre-sale is actually the most underrated but the most rewarding part of a business cycle. When a product or service is first launched in the market, people are apprehensive about using it. Everyone likes a product or service with some history than newbies in the market.

This apprehension and negative consumer sentiment about newness is essentially curbed by having well strategized pre-sale service. Informing potential clients about the product or service and answering enquiry calls about the product or service.

How to Build a Successful Pre-sale Service for Your Company?

For building a successful pre-sale service, a company must essentially focus on informing as many customers about the product, as possible. There must be a rigorous strategy aiming on reaching a large prospective customer base.

Below are some of the pre-sale service tricks that can ensure massive participation and engagement from the prospective customers:

Adequate communication

Communicating adequately about your upcoming product and service is very important for a successful pre-sale service. To provide effective pre-sale service, companies use 0800numbers on WeNumber. They also don’t bear any geographical restrictions.

These numbers offer free calling for the callers and enquirers. The zero call costs motivate prospective customers to know all the information they seek. WeNumber Official ensures you can attain your desired codes and numbers from this virtual number provider platform. 

From providing information to entertaining enquiry calls, every call must be attended and catered to. 0800 numbers also provide flexibility of redirecting calls to landline and mobile. Thereby, making calls a process that can be undertaken on the go..

Campaign Creation

Marketing campaigns are the best way to approach a large number of clientele through one single mode. Businesses can approach crowdsourcing sites and ensure the attention they require. 

Email marketing and local flair distribution can also be resorted to create a buzz in the local markets itself. Social media marketing is an effective way to reach out to a wide array of customers through minimal resources as compared to traditional marketing methods.

Product Release and Follow ups

Initial release of product must instigate a customer response. Enquiry calls, feedback submission and assessment must be done regularly to ensure that customers have been satisfied with the product and service.

Having 0800 numbers turns out to be advantageous and quite economical for the companies for initial feedback and follow up calls.

Customer Relationship

If your business already has a loyal customer base, it is the right time to encash the relationship. Reaching the customers out for free samples and feedback, loyalty discounts, etc. are some ways wherein customer relationships can be encashed.


In the times of a rampant social media era, you can collaborate with market leaders and even content creators. There would be relevant ‘influencers’ who would have a loyal fanbase. Collaborating with an influencer creates a more personal touch to the intended product or service.

Why Should You Focus on a Strong Pre-sale Service?

A pre-sale process can bring major positive changes to your product or service introduction plans. In addition to introducing your potential customers to the new product or service, it has the potential to bring material results, as follows:

  • It reduces the gestation period involved in getting customers used to the product or service
  • Client satisfaction is ensured and productive feedback is received from the clients before final roll out.
  • It also boosts your sales pipelines and brings you in good terms with the collaborators
  • You can recognize the channels that got you more attention and invest extensively on them for future marketing and sales strategy.
  • The lead cycle will be faster and prompt


Pre-sale services are an initial investment that can help a business a lot in developing a sense of comfort with the prospective client. Admonishing the barriers of customer apprehensions are very important, especially with regard to new products and services.

Companies use 0800numbers on WeNumber to attain their desired pre-sale service number. WeNumber makes attaining desired codes and numbers extremely easy. Informing people about the new product or service and being available for their queries is important.

The business must resort to extremely professional ways to resonate financial stability in the company. Having the right customer centric strategy provides the required impetus to create a customer sentiment even before a product is finally launched into a market.


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