How to farm gold in World of Warcraft WOTLK

More than ten years have passed since the launch of the World of Warcraft project by Blizzard, and in order to constantly keep the attention of players and give them the desire to continue spending their time on character development, game developers regularly release updates.

Some meet successfully, some do not, and there is a gradual outflow of players, because no matter how interesting the project is, people want variety, but someone is not satisfied that the project is becoming simpler.

The easiest way that many developers chose for themselves was to select the most popular chronicles and updates and restart the project under the classic mark with the most hardcore component

It will be more difficult to level up and earn gold, and soft players will order wotlk boost at all in order to have time to play in this mode. When it comes to gold, there are several key ways in the classic version to replenish your wallet with gold reserves.

  1.  Passage of quests
  2.  Professions

Passage of quests

Despite the fact that at first glance it may seem that quests are a bad source of income, they are not. Quests bring a stable and fixed income of gold, and this is not counting the gold and resources that you will receive during its execution and the destruction of monsters.

The whole point of the quest system is to introduce the player to the game world, introduce the main mechanics and fill the player’s pockets with starting gold, which will allow you to comfortably develop your character and not feel like a burden in raids.

You should not overestimate quests either, after a certain period their effectiveness will decrease and quests will be replaced by raids, dungeons and hunting in the fields for valuable resources, and then gold.


In contrast to the main version, where the role of professions has faded into the background and serves more as a basis for newbies to get gold, new activities and the ability to dress the character in basic armor for most raids.

In the classic version, by the time you reach the maximum level, you need to save up gold for equipment, or produce it yourself. Professions are pumped in parallel with the main quests and will help you not only get equipment, but also earn gold by selling unnecessary resources.

What you need to know about professions:

  1. Professions are collective and creating
  2. No more than two main professions
  3. It is better to combine one of each category to create items, or two collective ones if you are going to earn gold for resources.


Skinning – requires a special knife, which can be purchased from the NPC. Allows skinning of slain animals. The skins can be sold as material or made into leather for future crafting.

Gathering herbs – available in all locations where there is vegetation. Gather herbs and flowers for future alchemy or first aid.

Mining – requires a pickaxe, which can be bought from an NPC. Allows you to process mines in search of ore and gems. Ore can be turned into ingots to make various armor at the forge, and gems can be useful in jewelry making.

Fishing – belongs to the collective, but does not take up a profession slot and can be learned and upgraded by any character without restrictions. You will need a fishing rod, which can be bought from the NPC. Caught fish can be sold, or butchered and used in cooking.


Leatherworking – allows you to use obtained or purchased skin to create light armor elements.

Blacksmithing – allows you to smelt ore to create ingots and produce heavy armor and various weapons from metal.

Tailoring – Uses fabric to create magical armor. A distinctive feature of the profession is that consumables can be obtained from most monsters and no additional gathering profession is required.

Alchemy – uses herbs and flowers to create unique potions of various kinds. Potions are attacking and cause damage to the enemy. Healing – restore health.

First Aid – Uses herbs and flowers to create bandages and healing potions to restore health, stop bleeding, and cure poison.

Jewelcrafting – uses gems to produce jewelry with various amplifying characteristics and magic orbs for attacking magicians.

Cooking – as well as fishing, the profession is available to everyone without borrowing a profession slot. Use fish and other foods to enhance your meals. The skill of the cook affects the duration of the effect and its strength.

Properly combined professions are the key to good gold mining through the sale of resources, or finished goods. Remember that there are a lot of players on the server and everyone needs resources to upgrade their professions, weapons, armor, jewelry and a lot of potions and healing potions to go to raids, so you will not be left without gold.


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