How to Fax from a MacBook Pro

These days, there are several ways by which we can communicate in this new digital age. The rise of technology has essentially made the world a much smaller place to live in. And as a result, we can now reach out to others almost instantly and from anywhere. Whether it be using email, texts or video calls, there are an endless amount of ways to reach out to people these days.

However, that does not mean that some of the older ways of communication are no longer in use. For instance, some companies and people still utilize landline phones. Moreover, believe it or not, some users still use faxes! For those who may be unfamiliar, a fax is a duplicate of a picture or document that is scanned and sent over telecommunication networks. They were extremely popular back in the day, as people could send and receive information much faster than the usual means of mail. In short, back then it was comparable to sending an attachment through email these days.[ laptop desk riser]

How to Fax

So, we decided to dive into the different ways in which you can use faxes and send them out directly from your Mac. After all, learning how to send out a fax using your Mac may seem unnecessary at first. But, despite the fact that this means of communication is outdated, it may still be something that you want to perform at some point.

Can I Send Faxes Using My Mac?

Yes. However, it all depends on having the right hardware or software that allows you to facilitate that process. This means either downloading the necessary apps and/or utilizing some external accessories to accomplish this. For instance, if your Mac is an older model with a built-in phone-line port, then you can easily connect your fax machine. But if it doesn’t, then you will have to install the appropriate software to send out a fax.

However, before we dive into the different ways to do this, you first need to make sure that your Mac is properly charged before beginning the setup process. As such, make sure that you are plugged into a wall socket before you begin. If you don’t already own a reliable charger or need a new one, then we suggest purchasing one from a reliable brand like Lention. The USB-C chargers that they have on offer are universally compatible and highly dependable. Moreover, they are highly multi-functional and also fast-charging. Plus, they also come with safety features to prevent risks of any power surges or blowouts damaging your Mac.

With that sorted, there are two main ways by which you can send out faxes using a Mac device. The first method involves using the right fax hardware. The second method is to download the right software that will allow your Mac to send faxes to other fax lines worldwide. This is actually the more popularly used method. But for the sake of comparison, we will take a look at both ways.[ usb c hdmi hub]

Using Hardware

If your Mac comes with a built-in phone line port, then you can easily connect your fax machine. Or simply use your Mac’s built-in fax modem. However, if you have one of the new Macs, then you can utilise a usb ethernet hub or usb hub hdmi, which will have all the necessary ports that you may need. Once connected, you simply have to click Print > Fax PDF > Enter the relevant details.

Using Software

If you own one of the new Macs, then you won’t have a phone line port. As stated before, you can always utilise an external accessory such as a usb c to dual hdmi dock. These devices are normally designed for transmitting video and audio through devices such as monitors and speakers. However, they also often come with a phone line port as an added feature. But if this isn’t an option, then you will need the appropriate software to send out a fax. As such, we will list a few options to choose from that should help facilitate that quickly.

  • iFax – This is the most popular option that is available on the Mac App Store and will seamlessly work well with your Mac. However, the only drawback is that it comes with a limited time trial, so you will eventually have to pay for future use.
  • FaxPro – This is another fantastic alternative that is very simple to utilize. However, unlike iFax, you will have to pay a cost upfront. The benefit with that is that once paid, you can then send out unlimited faxes.
  • FaxDocument – This also an excellent choice that comes with an easy-to-use interface. It is very simple to navigate and it’s quite easy to start using immediately.



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