How to Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Phone?

When trust in a relationship becomes shaky, the relationship could really fall in shambles. Phone has become the primary device of communication for everyone. There are more communications through emoticons and stickers compared to any other mode.

If you’ve noticed your girlfriend’s irrational obsession with the phone, there are ways to find the truth. You can spy on your girlfriend’s phone in a completely remote manner. You do not need her phone at all, and there is no way she could find it.

This article will introduce you to Spyine official that could essentially be a solution to your trust issues. You can view all the phone engagements of your girlfriend from this platform. 

Use Spyine to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone

It would be a risky mission to monitor your girlfriend’s phone, but Spyine is extremely safe and secure to spy with. Spyine is a web-based application that has a superb stealth mode. Your girlfriend can never find out about the spying and you can find out about the truth.

There are many spy apps existing on the internet, but do not fall prey to false promises, free demos and time wasting sites. After my own personal research and magnanimous wastage of time with other apps, Spyine was god sent. 

Spyine is different and better than other similar apps. The highlight of Spyine is certainly its user friendly interface. You do not need to have a tech guru to tell you how Spyine works. It is so simple, you will be handy with it in no time. 

Stealth Mode

Spyine has a stealth mode that makes you operate in a totally incognito way. Security and anonymity are the key points when one indulges in spying. Spyine ensures a secure operation. No one using Spyine to spy on their girlfriend has ever been caught.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking

Most spy apps necessitate rooting or jailbreaking through the target phone (your girlfriend’s phone in this case). This could be a suicidal mission. Spyine doesn’t ask for any unnecessary rooting or jailbreaking. The spying can be as remote as you can imagine. 


Can you read your girlfriend’s mind? No! Well, with Spyine you can. Amidst other key features of Spyine like viewing message, call list, social media, GPS location, etc., there is a key feature that is rightly termed as keylogging.

Keylogging allows you to see any vital keystrokes made by the user of the phone. Things like deleting a message, typing but not sending a message, and all such key strokes can be seen. This really gets you to see what the other person is intending. 

So you can do the impossible with Spyine, you can attain a sense of what your girlfriend is intending to do. 


When embarking on a risky task of spying on your girlfriend’s phone, you need to rely on a trustworthy name. Spyine has over a million users in 190 countries. Its fan base is only proliferating with time. 

Procedure to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone

Spyine’s procedures are simple and uncomplicated. You wouldn’t need to go through any unnecessary hassles to spy on your girlfriend’s phone. Whether your girlfriend uses an iPhone or an Android phone, you can spy on her either ways. 

Spying on iPhone

If your girlfriend uses an iPhone, the process of spying gets as simple as it could get. You just need to have in place a few important facts before you initiate the process of spying on her phone. Below are the procedural sets that need to be follows:

Open the web app of Spyine and register using your email ID. You will receive the set up link on this email ID later so choose wisely.

As you register, you will need to finalize a monthly plan that you would like to go ahead with. Spyine offers a lot of good plans to choose from. Premium and family plans are some of the most sought after monthly plans of Spyine. Make your pick.

Once you have selected the plan and paid for it, you will receive a set up link on your email. Just follow the stated procedures and then Spyine will be well installed.

Post installation, Spyine would seek the target platform from you, and that’s when you pick ‘iOS’ as your girlfriend is using an iPhone. 

The final procedural step in this case would be entering your girlfriend’s iCloud credentials. The moment you mention the iCloud credentials, Spyine will automatically link with your girlfriend’s phone and you can enter the spy world. 

Spying on Android

The procedure becomes a little different when you need to spy on an Android. As it happens to be, Androids have a very strict and non negotiable set of procedures. You can’t access an Android absolutely remotely. 

While Spyine is no exception to the rule as well, it offers a safe way out. See the procedures below that ensure that you can spy on an Android phone despite the strictness:

The first and second step of registration and selecting the plan would stay the same as in case of an iPhone. You can install through the set up link that would be provided to you in the email. After this, you choose ‘Android’ as the target platform.

Once the target platform is so entered, you need to download the app on the target Android. Now this might worry you, but believe me, it is simpler than what it seems. The app weighs only 2 Mb and is downloaded in a few minutes.

The moment you successfully download the app, it can be ‘hidden’ instantaneously. The app cannot be viewed even from the library. Your girlfriend will never notice about such an app existing. 

After you have downloaded the app, Spyine links it to the target Android and you can spy as much as you want. The highlight is, even later when you need to remove the app from the targeted Android, you can do so remotely through the app dashboard.


You can spy on your girlfriend’s phone in a totally remote manner. Spyine official provides you the impetus to spy in a discreet way, without raising any suspicion or any worry of being caught.  

When your trust is shaking, it is important to either confirm or dismiss them. Whether you are investing your time, energy and emotions in a worthy person is something you must know. Therefore, seeking Spyine’s help to sort your relationship out would be the best alternative. 


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