How to Support the Cincinnati Bengals

We love the Cincinnati Bengals! And we want to help you show them your best support as a fan.

Read on to learn tips on how to show your support for the Bengals. If you aren’t a fan of this stellar NFL team for some reason, don’t worry. You can use this guide to show your love for your favorite team. 

Bet on the Team

Betting on the Bengals is an excellent way to support them while increasing the fun of watching live games. We recommend checking and comparing the Cincinnati Bengals odds available at multiple sportsbooks before placing any wagers. This way, you find the best ones before putting your money on the line. 

Throw a Bengals-Themed Party

Another fun way to support the Bengals is throwing a themed game-day party. Invite friends or family members to watch the event with you. Fill your fridge with your favorite beverages and cook yummy appetizers like wings, sliders, or chips and salsa. Don’t forget to decorate the space with orange and black to show your team pride. 

How to Support the Cincinnati Bengals

Wear Bengals Gear

Uniforms are crucial in sports. NFL jerseys allow teams to show their unity. Buying Bengals merchandise in matching colors shows your love for them. You’ll find Cincinnati t-shirts, car flags, cups, and more. Purchasing these items generates income for your favorite team, and then you can wear them at games to show solidarity. 

Participate in Bengals Traditions

Bengals fans participate in various traditions, which you’ll need to know about if you want to be the ultimate supporter. Start by learning the Who Dey chant, which fans have sung since the 80’s when the team scores a touchdown. Even better, shout it from the Canopy Crazies during crucial games. 

Support Their Local Causes

The Bengals work diligently to improve their community, and you should, too. Consider donating to local causes they support. Each year, the team gives flag football kits to 50 PE classes. They also promote several other programs like the Mental Wellness Basics, which is a student resource for mental health education. 


There are many ways to support the Cincinnati Bengals. Hosting parties, wearing team merchandise, and participating in traditions are fun ways to celebrate the game day. If you’re into sports betting, don’t forget to place wagers on this excellent team. 

It’s crucial to support the community through local programs of the team. Try some of these tips to rally your fellow fans the next time the Bengals hit the field!


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