How to Use Fresh Start to Clean your Windows 10

Unknown to all computer users, buying a new computer also means acquiring useless software along with other free trials. These useless programs come in a package when you buying a new PC. Many of us think that this software is harmless and will not do anything bad to our computer. But according to a top computer repair company Home Computer Tech, these unwanted programs can eat the computer’s precious memory and eventually slow down our PC.  

To address this issue, the computer owner can take the long road of uninstalling this unwanted software from your PC. However, uninstalling the software one by one will eat up some precious time, and it’s a boring thing to do. Doing this process will also still leave a lot of unwanted stuff on the computer such as registry entries and useless files. 

So, what’s the better option to clean your computer particularly Windows 10? Unknown to many, there is a built-in tool in Windows 10 that can help you with this issue. The tool is Fresh Start and it has the ability to clear-out software and applications that are not part of the Windows 10 operating system. These include third party software that is present when you buy a new PC. But how to use this built-in tool? Let’s find out below. 

Step-by-Step Guide in Using Fresh Start

Fresh start can be used anytime but the best time to use this tool is right from the get go. The earlier you used, the easier it is for the software to wiped-out those unwanted junkware in your computer. Here’s the procedure on how to do it:

  1. “Start”

The initial step is to click the “start” button of your computer.

  1. “ Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Device performance & health ”

Then click “settings”, then “update and security” , and then click the “device performance and health” option.

  1. “ Additional Info “

After clicking the “device performance and health” option, please the “additional info”. This option can be found on the bottom part of the screen.

  1. “ Get started “

The previous step will give you a screen that shows you the option what Fresh Start will do once the process will start into the computer. After reading it, click the “Get started” button to start the cleaning process.

  1. “ Next ” and “ Start “

A pop-op window will then appear showcasing explaining the process. Click the “Next” button and then the “Start” button to begin the overall process. The built-in tool will download then reinstall Windows 10 in your computer. This particular process will take some time to complete but this is just normal.

  1. Reinstallation 

After the reinstalltion of Windows 10, the login screen will appear and you can login normally from your computer. After logging in, the Windows 10 will automatically set himself up and will shown a clean computer the way yopu want it to be. 

The next step is to install all the apps which is needed by you and the easiest way to do it is to look for “Remove App Desktop Icon” to see whats the best program you can reinstall to your computer as needed by you, the computer owner. 


Fresh Start is a unique tool found in your computer that can be used to boost the performance of your new PC and kick-out all unwanted software that comes with it. It’s a tool that is free and can be maximized by you in order to improved performance  and make your computer runs faster. 

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