Huawei MateBook 13 2020 Subnotebook Review

The Huawei MateBook 13 is a concise subnotebook with a 13-inch display screen. Huawei Matebook 13 i3 price is less than 1000 Euros (~$1,137); it is fundamentally the more inexpensive sibling of the MateBook X Pro. The Chinese maker holds the fellow design for the 2020 edition and just updates the C.P.U.s.


The interface position has not changed, and the MateBook 13 is, all the same, set to a 3.5 mm stereophonic system jack also as 2 USB-C interfaces (USB 3.1 Gen.1); simply, there are limitations. The left interface can just be utilized for information transfers and charging, although the correct port exclusively supports information transfers and the association with an external display. We connected an external 4K display screen, and it did well.


Huawei does not propose the touchscreen in Germany; simply, the 3:2 board with 2160×1440 pixels, all the same, has a really reflective surface. The immanent picture effect of the IPS board is really good: robust colors, excellent contrast ratio, and high brightness level. Even so, you are able to see as well a flimsy color cast towards dark green/blue, particularly if you are utilized to working with fine-tuned screens.


Huawei fits out the actual MateBook 13 with a Comet Lake C.P.U. (10th gen), which is all the same constructed in the previous 14nm procedure. This as well signifies the Core i5-10210U in our review is not a lot different from the last i7-8565u core of the predecessor. Advanced Intel CPUs can achieve really high Turbo clocks, and simply the performance utilization hinges on the cooling system solution and the TDP form of the maker, respectively. We can, in reality, see the level best clock of 3.9 GHz below load for a short time, simply resulting in a power intake of 42 Ws. The consumption rapidly drops to 25 W and then rapidly levels at 15 W and 4x 2.4 GHz. The final result is that the C.P.U. Performance is really similar to the old model, which is, in reality, slightly beforehand in terms of single-core performance. The functioning is not brought down on battery power.

Energy Management:

Our use measurements do not bring out whatever surprises, and at that place are no significant differences equated to the predecessor. The most advanced level of the keyboard illumination step-ups the use by approximately 1.1 Ws. We can find up to 66.7 W under heavy load. Simply this value rapidly drops to ~34 Ws, so the included 65 W power adapter (USB-C) is entirely sufficient.


The 2020 MateBook 13 is only a very belittled update. You acquire a new C.P.U., and the functioning is fundamentally the same as the predecessor. Huawei does not propose all configurations in all regions: German buyers, for instance, do not find the MateBook 13 with the dedicated GeForce GPU. We especially suchlike the metallic case and the beneficial screen, even though it is not a touchscreen, and you had better fine-tune the board for the most benevolent results.


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