JJSPY Review: Monitoring software for Mobile Phones, Tablets

Are you a parent, an employer or any other party interested in monitoring an android phone or a tablet? Maybe you want to keep an eye on what the child is doing on the tablet or the phone all day or wants to know whether your employees are at work or just playing around. JJSPY is a premier android phone and tablet spy software with the same abilities to give someone all the information they need from a target phone.

People know it’s easy to track another phone remotely but a major challenge factor in when they want to choose the best software for such abilities. For that reason, I’ve done my research and now wants to review one of the spy apps to help you spy on phone online.

Monitoring software for Mobile Phones, Tablets

What is JJSPY?

JJSPY is a known spy app that interacts seamlessly with the target phone to gather information about the messages, sent emails, photos, CameraCamera and other details. The details are eventually sent on a secure online control panel that I have checked and confirmed is easy to use. You can log in to the panel to view the details from any browser. 

Who’s JJSPY for?

JJSPY is for every person that wants to spy remotely on another phone or tablet. The software has all the features someone needs to spy on the android phone remotely

  • Parents-Parents end up buying tablets and phones for their children. With this app, the parent will be in a position to see all the actions the child is taking online. You can actually spy on kid’s tablets remotely to monitor their internet and messages activities. This is to protect the children against any form of harassment and harmful strangers. Additionally, the app comes with a GPS location feature which gives the parents ability to know where the child is in real-time.
  • Companies-Companies that give their employees tablets will find JJKSPY very helpful. The employer will know how the employees are using the device for maximum productivity and at the same time, notice where the employee is in real-time. The company can also control the information being accessed and sent via the tablets.
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Features of JJSPY

  • Works silently 
  • Get access to call log
  • The software tracks the mobile device’s location in real-time
  • Activate microphone and CameraCamera remotely
  • View the phone’s screen in real-time through Live Screen
  • IM messages that help the software to capture all popular IM apps
  • KeyLogger which enables you to see whatever someone is typing
  • Video and Audios access
  • See the phones browser history

JJSPY pros

  • Remotely monitor tablets, android phones and iPhones
  • More spying features than most competitors
  • You can monitor your kids and understand what they’re doing and where they’re in real-time
  • Track and monitor your employees to increase their productivity
  • Three-step installation process
  • Comes with a user-friendly web control panel
  • Get remote free updates
  • Money-back Guarantee


  • The app doesn’t offer trial versions
  • It’s comparatively expensive than the competitors

How JJSPY works

If you’ve decided to use this spy tool, then you should follow three steps to start monitoring a target phone. It’s actually in the list of the spy phone best apps today. This is because of the ease of downloading and using, affordability and dependability. The software is installed directly on the tablet before handing the tablet back to the target person. Read More: Recruiting software

After you’ve installed and set this app, you will instantly get all the tablet activities such as GPS location, web History and Photos, among many other activities to the online control panel. Additionally, you don’t have to possess the phone to get these data. What important is that the software will work in silent mode and the target person will not notice that they’re being tracked. To install and start using, follow the below three steps.

  • Purchase JJSPY-The first step is to visit the JJSPY website and sign up, after signing up, set your payment mode and pay for the monthly subscription.
  • Now download and install the software on the target phone-after paying, you will get a link to the software download. Agree to the terms and eventually click install the app.
  • Start monitoring-After the software is installed on the target phone; it will start working in silent mode. As a matter of fact, you can now log in to your online control panel and access all the data you want from the target phone. 

Is JJSPY a scam?

The market is flocking with many scam apps. This is actually the reason why most people don’t believe that there exists a spy app that can work. For that reason, I had to spare enough time checking what prior users are saying, analyzing their comments and reviews to establish whether this app is genuine. I also had to try the app myself to see whether there are any challenges or anything that fails to work as promised. 

On my research, I realized that JJSPY is genuine spy software that works as promised. The app is also easy to download and install. The app gives you the ability to check what the target user is doing on their android phone and tablets remotely. Get access to the target phone’s messages, apps, games, Browser History and activate CameraCamera and audio recording remotely.

JJSPY pricing

To use the app, you will have to pay $49.99 per month. I think this price is a little high, but given all the features that you will get, the app is worth the investment. Compared to some competitors, the app gives you some additional abilities such as activating the CameraCamera and audio to understand the surrounding of the target user. This means you can spy on phone camera remotely any time you want. 

The details shared above helps you get Spy phone download apk any time on the target phone and eventually monitor and track the phone and tablet remotely. JJSPY poses as a reliable alternative to expensive and less reliable spy software out there. 


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