Leveraging Social Media Analytics to Grow Small Business

As marketers, we understand the importance of adding social media to the marketing mix. In fact, by 2022, more than 74% of marketers will be investing in social media campaigns to get desired results.

If you haven’t considered adding social media strategy to your marketing mix, you are missing out on valuable channels for advertising.

Social media started as a platform to communicate with friends and family sitting on the other corner of the world and sharing images. However, it has certainly evolved a lot in the last decade, especially in the marketing industry.

Today, social media is no longer just an add-on; it’s a powerful tool that helps you reach your target audience. With everything that social media has to offer, it makes sense to use it as a core part of marketing.

But, just using social media for marketing is not the end. You need to constantly track its performance. This is where social media analytics comes into play.

Social Media Analytics to Grow Small Business

What Are Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics is the process of collecting valuable data on your audiences using social media campaigns. With the right metric, social media analytics can enable marketers to spot trends in consumer behavior that are relevant to businesses.

Furthermore, marketers can analyze the performance of their social platforms – such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms where they want to share their business information.

There are many social media analytic tools available in the market. Depending on your needs, you can go with anyone. Out of all, there is SHIELDApp which has gained a lot of popularity. You can download the tool from here if you want to use it.

Leverage Social Media Analytics For Your Business

When it comes to small business marketing, social media has a lot to offer. Integrating social media into your marketing mix can achieve any sales or marketing goal. What’s more, unlike other platforms where you need other tools to market your business, social media platforms come with premium tools.

These tools include in-depth reports and insights and highlight strong and weak areas of your social media marketing campaign. They are a goldmine of data and help small businesses make the right data-based decisions.

Top Ways Marketers Can Leverage Social Media

As we have already said, most social media analytics help you get access to in-depth insight and how the audiences are receiving your content. But, unfortunately, most small businesses consider social media as a waste of time. 

Below we have listed how you can leverage social media for your business and why they are not a waste of time.

1. Uncover Customer’s Insights

When we are talking about social media metrics, we are not talking about only shares and comments. While they are the basic metric, there is something more you need to look into.

For instance, you can look into Facebook Audience Insight. It will give you information on your customers’ online behavior, interests, and connections, among others.

2. Help With Identifying Top-Performing Channels

Social media analytics can be set to track all your active social media accounts. This helps you track all your social handles and see where your content is performing better and where you are getting the most lead.

This way, you get to know the right channel for business and from where you can get the most out of your social media marketing.

3. Create Relevant Content

Social media content is all about being personalized to how your audience will want it. Your social content must strike the chord of the audience. Now the question is, how will you know that?

Well, the answer lies with Social media analytics. It lets you access valuable information and the types of content your audiences engage in most. You can create similar content to please your audiences.

4. Measure Customer Sentiments

It is important to know what your customers think of your brand or business. You can get the answer by monitoring their engagement and conversation with the brand or business.

Measuring customer sentiment tells you what your customers are thinking. Furthermore this helps you with –

  • Uncovering what customers want.
  • Uncover the challenges and pain points of the customers.
  • Prevention of any potential crisis.

The Takeaway: Social Media Analytics For Business

Creating social media strategy based on guesswork will not take you far. You need numbers and data to base your decision. Social media analytics helps you with accurate numbers. It helps you with valuable insight and helps you make the right decision with your social media marketing campaigns.


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