Phantasy Star Online 2: How To Get Casino Coins?

This article is about how to get casino coins in Phantasy Star Online 2. Casino Coins are used for various purposes, such as playing the slot machines and purchasing certain items from the casino shop. This article will go into detail on what you need to do in order to obtain them!

The fastest way to win coins is by gambling and if you want a quick rundown on what games are available, here they come.

Rappy Slots

In this game, you partake in a slot machine game themed around Rappies. The possible bet is between 1 to 5 CC and it has low-to-average payouts except for Jackpots which can be huge! To play the bets/slots press Up or Down directional buttons until Confirm button pops up then choose your Bet value with the number keys of a gaming device – each symbol will automatically flip once chosen so make sure it’s correct before pressing Enter key (or double-tap if using a touch screen).

Whenever you match up three Gold Rappy Icons, a Fever meter on the left side of this screen increments by one symbol. When players reach five symbols in PSE Burst Mode or Wild Cards activate during PSE Bursts Chance Game – they have greatly increased odds to get lucky with matching card images!

When lining up these powerful items (either normal mode only), all other slot windows will close and gamers are limited just to drawing from 1 central reel position which offers even higher returns due to its high volatility potentials.

How To Get Casino Coins

Mesetan Shooter

The Mesetan Shooter is a game where you and up to three friends try your best not just because it’s fun, but also for the money! You can either pay 100 CC in order to play Bronze Mode or 200CC if that doesn’t suit your fancy.

To play Mesetan Shooter, select your preferred mode from one of the booths in the Online Casino Lobby. There are two options: Bronze Mode which costs half as much CC to initiate but all gains are halved while playing it; or Silver with twice the fee but more lucrative payouts if successful! After selecting a place you will be taken into an interactive shooter game where 10 seconds is set for waiting before starting gameplay.

The stage is set, and the Mesetan will appear. Aim with your mouse/right analog stick to take them down quickly before they cause too much damage! If you manage to defeat one of these strange creatures it’s possible for them to drop coins that roll forward onto their own board – grab those precious riches if they fall inside this Catcher Field Depot where I am waiting eagerly…

Black Nyack

Nyack is a fun game where you have to try and get as close to 21 without going over. The first person who does so wins, but it’s not always that easy! You can bet anywhere from 10-50 CC on this card playing action which gives average payouts depending upon how well your luck goes – or doesn’t go for that matter.

To play Black Nyack, you must first enter a table and select your bet. Once the timer reaches 0 or all players have placed their bets then it will begin to play! You’ll deal two cards per player including yourself with one face-down card that only YOU can see while everyone else sees both front sides up.

Three options are available to you when it’s your turn: hit, stay or double down. If the dealer gives you a card that can’t be seen by other players then they’ll say “hit” and give another one back; if not then just keep playing for as long until someone does something different like draw two cards in succession (or more). The highest hand wins!

Arkuma Slots

When you play Arkuma Slots, it will be like your very own space mission! Avoid alien attacks and collect all the stars to unlock new levels. The game costs 500 CC but with a potentially high payout so don’t worry about spending too much money if things go well for ya’.

If you roll all three results, I’ll also give a Completion Bonus. The first time is worth 100 CC and the second scores 250-500 depending on how many points were needed for completion of the task…

The highly skilled professional voice will offer rewards that can be increased by completing tasks more than once!


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