Role of Flow Control Valves in the Medical Field

Today, an air flow valve is commonly found in almost all pneumatic devices where it serves to control the flow rate of the air. It helps to regulate the air and gases in the desired direction. Nowadays pneumatic devices are commonly used in the medical industry and help to provide quality treatment to patients. In the medical and analytical industry, there is a great need for high-performance devices. In achieving good performance from pneumatic devices an electronic controlled air valve plays the key role of controlling the flow of the fluid.

The recent advancement of flow control valves has made it possible for medical manufacturers to deliver high-quality products for the treatment of patients. These advancements have enabled manufacturers to create more compact and portable equipment for facilitating patients. 

Let’s take a look at the following roles of an electronic flow control valve in the Medical Field:

Role of Flow Control Valves

Helps in Providing Quality Treatment:

An air flow control valve has become an essential component of oxygen therapy devices because it offers great reliability. As we know that low pressure of air is required to maintain in medical devices as compared to industrial applications. An electronic controlled air valve helps the operator or the doctor in maintaining a low flow of air as per the need of the treatment. It also helps to keep other relevant parameters low such as the pressure and temperature etc. 

In ventilators, an electronic control valve is used to mix air with oxygen at a specific pressure. The ability to vary the size of the orifice makes them an ideal choice for medical devices where precision is the key concern for doctors. With the help of an electric valve, the air and oxygen can be mixed accurately before delivering it to the patient. They also help to deliver this mixture to the patient at a specific flow rate so that the patient can breathe comfortably. 

Equipment and Patient Safety:

A flow control valve ensures the safe delivery of essential gases to the patients. It helps the operator to regulate the gases on the required pressure. By doing so a flow adjustment valve not only keeps the medical equipment safe but also provides an element of safety to the patients. The presence of the electronic controlled air valve in medical devices makes them more efficient and secure than ever. It does not let the pressure go up from the safe limit of the systems so that it does not break the device or harm the patient. 

Reduce the Cost:

At hospitals and medical facilities, it’s difficult to save the cost because a number of electrical devices and machinery is used in the treatment. But the use of a pneumatic air flow control valve restricts the use of compressed air and stops it from going to waste by letting the medical devices use the accurate amount of air according to the need. It also reduces the risk of leakages which ultimately lowers the overall operational and maintenance cost. 

Final Words:

A flow control valve makes it possible to provide quality and safe treatment to patients. This is the main reason for the wide use of electronic controlled air valve in the medical field. 


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