Social Media Advertising for Beginners

If you aren’t using social media for marketing and advertising, you’re missing out. The most progressive businesses have some type of social media presence.

Get your brand the attention it deserves, with the right form of social media advertising. Your target audience is using at least one of the social platforms, you just have to figure out which one so that you can reach them.

Social Media Advertising

Have you noticed ads while you are browsing through your own social media? We all have because it is placed in our feed whether we want it or not. The ads we see are specifically chosen for us depending on our age, gender, and also on ads we have previously clicked on.

Investing in Instagram Advertising

While people start using Instagram by their teens, the average age of a user is 25-34, but the average person scrolling through Instagram is more likely to shop from a small business such as yours.

Instagram users see an ad at least every couple of posts. When they are scrolling through Instagram stories they see them even more often.

Funding for Facebook Advertising

Facebook was designed for people to keep in contact during and after school (high school and college.) While many people believe that Facebook’s popularity has been fading, it has simply become more popular for an older generation, as the younger crowd gravitates to newer platforms such as Tic-Toc and Twitch.

Set your budget, and enter your ad into the advertising auction so that your ads will be directed towards the target audiences of your choosing. This will save you from wasting money advertising to those outside of your target audience, and you will never go over your budget.

Providing Capital for PPC Advertising

PPC (pay per click) advertising is the most versatile style of advertising because it is not tied down to a set budget for advertising. You are only paying for the potential customers that click on your ad, instead of spending money advertising to people that just scroll right past your ad.

Twitter Advertising Transactions

The average Twitter user is between the ages of 25-34, and male users are more common than females. Twitter advertising works on the pay-per-click system. Costing anywhere from fifty cents to two dollars per action.

Switch to Twitch

Are you trying to reach the gaming or live streaming community? Twitch is where it’s at for a target audience of a primarily younger male crowd. With an average of a few million users using it every day.

Advertising on Twitch is a bit different from other platforms as you can choose to start a contract with a specific streamer. They will market your brand for you. Plus, Twitch isn’t saturated with business ads, unlike other social media platforms.

How To Choose The Best Platform

Get the most out of your budget and reach the most potential customers by knowing who your target audience is, and which social media platform you are most likely to find them on.

All Aboard the Social Media Train

Are you ready to build your business with social media advertising? Don’t waste your money any longer on marketing that isn’t giving you any return business.

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