The Best Digital Marketing Software of 2021

Marketers and business owners have three major challenges: generating creative content, creating a consistent online presence, and engaging with customers in real-time.

Digital marketing is hard because you have so many other things to do during the day. It’s hard to be creative and consistent when you’re putting out fires.

You need to turn to digital marketing software to help lighten the load for you. Read on to find out what the best digital marketing tools are that you need to have.

1. Opt-In Software

The primary job of every digital marketing tactic is to drive traffic to your site. You need to get your digital marketing software to do the work of converting traffic to a lead.

That’s what opt-in tools do. There are sign-up forms that appear throughout your website. Once someone signs up to your list, you increase the chance that they’ll become a customer.

The top opt-in tools to consider are SumoMe, Bloom, Sleeknote, and OptinMonster.

2. Website Analytics

You need to measure what campaigns work and which ones need improvement. You can use website analytics to see where your traffic comes from and what draws the most interest.

You can also use digital marketing tools that use heat maps to see what parts of a web page get the most attention. The information is used to improve your site and increase conversions.

The top analytics tools are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Hotjar.

3. Social Media Scheduler

Posting social media consistently is hard. Yet, it’s consistency that wins the game. Followers and algorithms trust that you’ll post content regularly.

The challenge is that you don’t have hours each day to spend on social media. You can use a social media scheduler to set your posts in advance.

Some of the top tools for small businesses include Hootsuite and Buffer. Digital marketing services use Loomly and SproutSocial.

4. PPC Research Tools

If you’re planning to invest in paid ads, you need to do a lot of research beforehand. You have to research keywords and the competition for those keywords. Tools like SEMRush and SpyFu find the right keywords for your ads.

Even if you have the best tools, your ads might not convert. Do research to learn more tips to make your ads count.

5. CRM

You might not close your leads because you don’t follow up. A CRM is a contact management tool that helps you manage your leads.

There are some platforms that combine all of these tools, plus email, and give you a contact management tool. HubSpot and Zoho are good examples.

Digital Marketing Software for Marketing Results

How can you stay on top of digital marketing? Invest in the right digital marketing software. There are tools for just about every need.

Whether you have a digital marketing agency or a small business, the tools listed here will help you manage the many digital marketing challenges.

Be sure to check out the site for more helpful marketing tips.


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