Tips To Ace TikTok Marketing As A Beginner

Tiktok is a very controversial platform, and it has been subjected to much backlash in the past few years.

When it first commenced, it was just a place for kids and teenagers to mimic music and dialogues. A place just meant for fun, but now it is something much more than that.

It is producing millionaire influencers and jumpstarting many small businesses!

So, whether you love it or hate it, as a digital marketer, you cannot give up on the idea. Who knows, Tik Tok might be that platform that will help your business skyrocket. After all, Tik Tok has been known by many as a platform that can help you go viral.

So, why not?

However, how exactly do you navigate your way through Tik Tok? Because every social media has its own set of rules when it comes to optimization.

Yes, optimization!

No matter what the platform is, you always need to optimize it. In order for audiences to be impressed by your creative posts, you need an audience first.

Tips To Ace TikTok Marketing As A Beginner

Why TikTok Marketing Is So Important

One does not have to be a Tiktoker in order to use this platform. So, here is why Tik Tok marketing is so important for you. You might also need to learn some video editing, and to get all the high-end tools and tutorials for free; click

– It has a high engagement rate. According to the last 2020 estimation, Tiktok’s estimated engagement rate was even more than Instagram’s. So, you should be a fool to miss out on such an opportunity.

– It is the future, and whether you love it or hate it, you need to embrace the future if you wish to market better.

– If you want to advertise on TikTok, there are many ways you can do that. Yes, there is a plethora of ad types from which you can choose.

– It is best known for influencer marketing, and your audience will listen to these influencers more than what you say in some of these television advertisements.

Acing The TikTok Market

Here are some of the ways in which you will be able to ace the Tiktok Market

1. Influencers Are Everything

No matter what your personal thoughts are on the influencers of Tiktok, you cannot deny that they can make or break a business. They have millions of followers with millions of views per video.

So, if you choose the correct influencer based on your niche, you will be able to convert many target audiences. This influencer strategy is better than any advertisement because people tend to believe the one they are seeing uses the products. Rather than just believing the company that claimed that it would work.

2. Find Balance Between Entertainment & Branding

If you are using Tiktok, you have to invest your time and creativity in it. Therefore, you cannot just expect to brand your company once in a while and get all your audience base hooked.

It is an entertainment platform, after all, so if you do not give your customers the entertainment along with the branding, they will also stop engaging. There is no point in branding if you cannot convert.

3. Use The Right Trend

If you are using the right trend, you have a possibility to go viral. Now, we are talking about trends like audio clips and songs, which are everyone’s favorite at the moment.

The pandemic also got trends like Dalgona coffee and Savage Love dance movies. Now, when you start incorporating your business with these trends, you will start getting more noticed and recognized by your target audience.

4. Engage More With Audience

If you plan to make an impact, then you have to engage with your audience. Engage with them while going live, as it is the most convenient way in Tiktok. Other than that, you can also have quizzes or ask the influencer you are working with to announce giveaways.

These are some of the best strategies known, but you can also create your own unique ones. Just remember, the key is that they should remember you. 

5. Become More Creative

Tiktok is that one platform where you can totally optimize your content without compromising creativity.

Plus, once you start utilizing its features, you will realize that a 30sec video has more scope than any post. Plus, audiences do not have to spend too much time, and their attention span does not deplete. 

Viral Marketing!

If you are planning on getting Tiktok, then there is something you should keep in mind. Tiktok is not for the purpose of having a presence on the social media platform. Tiktok is that one platform that can help you go viral.

So, take full advantage of that fact and try your best to go viral. 


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