Top 10 Tips for Starting Instagram Bloggers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with a wide reach. A blogger needs to have an account that has a big audience, especially if they also team up as influencers. You can learn useful tips on starting an Instagram account and growing your fan base by reading this article and also you can find a lot of useful information if you’ll follow this link Such tips will help you get more followers, hence enhancing your online presence. 

To make your Instagram account popular, here are a few tips for you to follow:

1. Account set up

It is good to identify a good username and a picture for your bio. Having a catchy and professional username will attract more attention online. Ensure that you also add the link to your blog so that your followers can easily reach your page.

2. Niche market

You should identify your target audience. If you do, it will be easy to post relevant info to build audience loyalty and attract their friends and followers too. That will help to grow more followers within a short period. For example, if you are into travel, ensure that you post various awesome destinations constantly to keep your followers entertained.

3. Hashtags

If you want to engage more followers on Instagram, ensure that you use relevant hashtags. You may use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. Select the best, though you don’t have to necessarily use all of them.

4. Tag and follow influential Instagram accounts

By doing so, you may also get some of their followers to start following you. You may also engage the influential bloggers online. That way, they may also engage you in their stories or invite you to their online surveys and competition, which will create more awareness of your blogs on various social media platforms.

5. Post introduction

You will attract more audience depending on how you introduce a post. Some of the best ways to do so are;

• Use of slideshows

• Live videos

• To Geotag locations or discoveries

6. Regular posts

One way to constantly engage your audience is to post consistently. If possible, ensure that you post at a regular time and engage the audience by liking and responding to their comments to build loyalty.

7. Audience engagement

By engaging your audience, you will be able to know what your audience likes and adapt to it so that you can maintain and increase the statistics. Some people buy followers but this may not work due to;

• Spamming

• Fake followers can be removed and this reduces your credibility

• Inappropriate comments may be posted on your platform

8. Share stories

Though great pictures capture the audience fast, telling a story also attracts more attention from your followers. This might prompt them to tag their friends along. Words also add interest to your story.

9. You should opt for a business account

With a business account you can access various features including;

• Advanced messaging inboxes

• Instagram advertising, insights, and shopping

• Button for a call to action

10. Visually attractive content 

Some tips on how to do so include the use of videos, training posts, use of quotes, and posting UGC. You may also post videos behind the scenes to entertain and engage your followers even more.


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