Being a content creator or a student making an assignment, you are told numerous times to be careful about plagiarism since it creates a very bad impact and might even earn you a bad grade.

The growth of the internet and it is available on your cellphones to have made it able for you to get access to abundant information. Gone are the days when people used to search countless books for a piece of information regarding a certain topic or subject. However, all of this might not be as simple as it seems. Getting unprecedented access to knowledge did for sure make life easier, but it came with its do’s and don’ts. And one of them was plagiarism.


Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone’s work and passing it as your own. This means that plagiarism not only includes you copying what someone has put their effort into but also making use of it without referring to the original owner or the source. And well, you can not get away with it.
Copyrights are the set of rights that are provided to the owner of specific content, be it research, art, or whatever, and it helps them own their work in every way. This means that if you try to copy someone’s work without their permission, you will be charged for penalties against copyrights.

How can plagiarism be detected?

Well, thanks to the advancement of the internet and everything is made easy, plagiarism can now easily be detected through the use of software available online. These are known as plagiarism checkers. They provide you with not only ease in checking plagiarism but are an efficient tool to make sure that your article does not contain any type of copied content and to maintain its originality. Read More: free pdf converter

What can be the consequences of Plagiarism?

The consequences of plagiarism can be variable depending upon the spheres one is working in. From different charges, penalities to even jailing.

For students, there can be two types of consequences. One includes impacting their academic career and the other one includes legal actions that are taken since the student is caught breaching the copyright laws.

The student might be permanently expelled from a certain institution. Which will have an impact on his overall academic carrier in the worst possible ways. Some institutes mark the student as ‘’failed’’ in that certain course and some ask for fines to compensate.

Since plagiarism is a criminal offense, therefore, the owner of the content might even sue the individual who stole the work. You might even have to go to jail or face serious monetary penalties. And even if you are done with the punishment, your overall career and report are ruined with the doors of great opportunities being permanently closed.

Top 03 best PDF plagiarism checkers free online – 2020:

With the significance of plagiarism-free articles and assignments being clearly mentioned above, let’s look through some of the best PDF plagiarism checkers for the year.

Documents and files come up in a number of different formats. These might include DOC, DOCX, TNT, PDF and so much more. Among them, students usually prefer pdf because these documents are supported widely without any dependence upon the hardware or device on which they are being opened.

However, not every free plagiarism checker is a PDF plagiarism checker. So below, we have mentioned the best 3 PDF plagiarism checkers which are all free and on the top for the year 2020.

1- Prepostseo

With a number of different tools and features that prepostseo has to offer to you, a PDF plagiarism checker is a very commendable one. Prepostseo tools offer you the best quality but without even costing you a single penny.

Prepostseo plagiarism checker supports formats other than PDF as well. It checks your content against numerous documents to check for plagiarism. It deeply scans the PDF file and checks for different forms of plagiarism such as incremental, patchwork and etc.

Above all, this tool has put in some real effort to make sure that your content is all safe and secure as they claim that your security is their number one preference. For this, the text you provide it for detection, is supported by copyrights.

2- Quetext

Again an amazing PDF plagiarism checker which is all for free. The fact that it is the most suitable for students is proven because its maximum audience includes the students and this is because your work is compared against numerous journals, books and articles already present over the internet to make sure that your content is unique and original and you wouldn’t face any issues with it.

The software also offers you a contextual plagiarism search by working deep into the content of yours.

3- Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X is the best one in out there. It is a pdf plagiarism detector which works to check for plagiarism through numerous search engines. It also supports other formats of a document.

The advanced algorithm cross-checks thousands of words in a matter of seconds. It is multilingual which means that it attracts a lot of audiences because it works for English, Spanish, French and so many other languages. Plagiarism Checker X comes with a free version and a paid version. The paid version includes additional features however, the free version serves the purpose.


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